Third trimester bodily changes experienced by the mother

If women have aborted the pregnancy with an online Abortion Pill then the beauty of the pregnancy cannot be experienced. The third trimester is a crucial period and most of women during this period are pampered and taken care of more. During the third trimester the baby grows enough and also some of the movement can be experienced by the mother. On one side, women do experience a growing child and on the other side, they might have to put extra effort while sitting and standing. 

Also, women do have to experience some of changes even in the third trimester. Below are some of them and knowing them can help you know it is nothing to worry about.

Emotional and physical effects

  • The tiredness that you felt during the first trimester will return and make you feel that you require a nap. 
  • During the beginning of the third trimester, the movement of the baby can be felt.
  • As the nesting infant would kick you, you might feel the need to get things ready. Take it slow and do not wear yourself out. 
  • While preparing for labor, parenthood, or delivery you might feel more emotional. 


During pregnancy, slowed blood circulation and fluid retention are the reasons due to which women do have swelling in the legs, feet, hands, face, and ankles. 

They do swell and a massage can help you. If you do experience too much of swelling then ensure that you do inform your health care provider. Also, if women are blurred vision, belly, or dizziness then it is said that women might have preeclampsia. 

Tingling and numbness

Swelling in the body presses the nerves and hence women can have tingling and numb feelings. This can happen in your legs, arms, and hands. At times you may feel your belly numb and this happens because you have stretched skin. Usually, women, those who have carpal tunnel syndrome are likely to experience tingling and numbness. You can seek help from a health care provider or can wait until the delivery takes place. 

Aching back, pelvis, and hips

These symptoms do start during the second trimester. As the belly keeps growing there is a contact increase in back pain. The hips and pelvic area hurt and the pelvic bones prepare for childbirth. Sleeping on a pillow that provides your back and neck support can be used to get relief from pain. 

Abdominal pain

During the third trimester, the infant keeps growing, and also the muscles and ligaments do support the uterus by stretching. Due to stretching the pain in the abdomen can be felt. 

Shortness of breath

The growth of pregnancy does not provide space for your other organs. Similar happens to the lungs, due to the growth of the expansion of the uterus, women are likely to have breathing issues. 

More breast growth

Towards the third trimester, the breast of women feels heavier as well as the yellowish liquid can be experienced. Women as soon as they deliver the infant, this yellowish liquid called colostrum is considered to be the first food. 

Vaginal discharge

Towards the third-trimester women might experience fluid leaking. If fluid or blood leaks, then you need to seek medical help to get it treated.

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