Important tips that can help to deal with abortion

It has become easy for women to buy abortion pills and get the pregnancy terminated. Medical abortion is an easy process that helps women to end the pregnancy in an effective manner. The use of the termination pills is the one that can help women effectively to end the pregnancy in the home corner.  The FDA has approved the use of the pills to get the pregnancy aborted.

While having an abortion do follow the below-given process

Confirm the pregnancy

This is one of the important parts, even if you wish to continue the pregnancy, it is necessary that you must know the gestation period of the pregnancy. Once the women know that she is pregnant, she needs to confirm the pregnancy.

Decided about the pregnancy

Once the pregnancy gets confused women to need to decide whether she prefers to continue the pregnancy or not.  Women those who decide to continue with the pregnancy can simply continue after seeking help from the health care provider. If women do prefer to have an abortion, they can online order Cytotec and Mifepristone pill and get the pregnancy terminated.


Once women decide about the abortion, she can make the use of pills and get the pregnancy terminated. Women need to first make the use of the Mifepristone pill and then Cytotec if the combination of pills is being used.

If women are asked to make the use of a combination of pills women need to use 1 Mifepristone and 4 Cytotec pills to get the pregnancy terminated.

If women are asked to make the use of the only Cytotec pills then women need to make use of Cytotec pill in the increased dose and need to use 12 pills of this med.

Action mechanism

If Mifepristone is been used, then this pill helps to separate the fetus from the uterus and then the expelling of the fetus is been done by the secondary pill.

In case if only Misoprostol pills are used, it helps to shed the lining of the uterus, and then this works on the removal of the embryo from the body. This pill helps to shed the uterus lining and then works on the dilation of the uterus due to which the fetus gets dispelled from the body.

Side effects

After making the use of Cytotec pills, it is common for women to experience side effects such as bleeding and cramping. Other than this the side effects of some other side effects can be experienced such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. The other side effects which can be experienced may get worsens sometimes and women may require medical treatment to get the side effects treated.


  • Cytotec pill interacts with other meds and hence women may require seeking medical help to get it treated.
  • Women also need to make sure that they do make the use of tampons and avoid the use of sanitary pads.
  • Women who make the use of these pills need to avoid the use of alcohol and smoking. This can affect the working of the pills and women may even have to deal with side effects.

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