The changes experienced during the second trimester

Trimester by trimester the changes seen in the body can help you know about the pregnancy growth. Of course, the confirmation of the gestation can be seen during the initial trimester, but some more bodily changes can be experienced during the second trimester. During the second trimester, either woman can have some of eased symptoms or some symptoms may go worse. If during this stage women prefer to end the gestation, then she can either order Abortion Pills depending upon gestation or can undergo a surgical abortion. If a woman has crossed the first trimester then it is considered that she is likely to carry the pregnancy till the last terms. 

Below mentioned are the bodily changes that are experienced by women during the second trimester

Growing belly and breasts

As mentioned in the first trimester symptoms, the breast does continue to grow in size, and women sometimes may feel fuller. Also, women are suggested that they do use supportive bras that have wide straps or a sports bra. Having support may make you feel better and also your skin may not feel the pull. During the second trimester, your baby grows and requires space to expand, and hence your belly begins to grow. 

Skin changes

Skin changes that occur during the second trimester are mostly due to the stretch. Hormonal changes during this stage cause the pigment-bearing cells to increase (melanin) in the skin. Due to this, brown patches or melasma can be seen on your skin. Some women can even notice the dark line down the abdomen. The skin changes are normal to occur and may fade away after the delivery. During the pregnancy, you may get exposed to the sun and this may cause irritation to you, and hence using sunscreen is recommended. 

Nasal issues

The fluctuation in the blood level due to hormonal changes is likely to occur. This causes the mucous membrane to swell and bleed easily due to which some of the women do have nosebleed and stuffiness. Drop-in saline or rise in saline can help you relieve congestion. Hence, one is asked to consume plenty of fluids and use petroleum jelly around the edges of nostrils to keep the skin moistened. 

Dental issues

During pregnancy your body parts become sensitive and the same is the condition with gums. When you are in the second trimester, flossing and brushing become difficult as the gums get sensitive. Rinsing with saltwater and switching to a softer toothbrush is the way that can help you deal with the irritation. Be sure to take dental care as vomiting does affect your tooth enamels. 


Hormonal changes and blood flow make a person dizzy. If you find yourself getting dizzy all the time, then you can simply consume plenty of fluids and avoid standing for a longer period. Also, it is recommended that you do keep moving slowly when you stand up or change the position.

Leg cramps

Having cramps throughout the pregnancy is common and cramps usually do strike during the night. To prevent cramps, simply stretch, try to stay active, and consume plenty of fluids. Also, stretching calf muscle can help you deal with leg cramps. During pregnancy simply choose comfy shoes. If you do not wish to stretch simply have a hot shower, a warm bath, or an ice massage so that it can help you relive the leg cramps. 

Vaginal discharge

The variation in vaginal discharge can definitely be experienced. The vaginal discharge becomes sticky, white, or clear and this is normal. Hence, if you experience any unusual change in your vaginal discharge then do seek help from your health care provider. 

Of course, if you have an abortion with online Mifepristone or Misoprostol then you are not likely to have all the symptoms. The symptoms may not be experienced due to abortion, but certain changes can be definitely seen.

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