Know about the use of the Mifeprex abortion tablet

If you come across some reports then you would know that most of the women today have an abortion. But today there is a decline in the number of women, those who have an abortion due to awareness regarding the use of birth control tablets. Women can simply make use of the birth control tablets to get rid of unwanted gestation. If pregnancy occurs, then choosing to use online Abortion Pills is the only option left with women. 

Below mentioned are the few things that women need to know about the use of Mifeprex Abortion Pill:

States that have banned abortions

Even though pregnancy termination is a right of women there are certain states or countries that have banned abortion. The states such as Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and many others have banned or restricted abortion. The states have banned abortion under certain laws and women cannot even make decisions regarding their own reproductive organs. 

Methods of abortion and when to use them

Women those who have an abortion need to know that the pregnancy can be ended with the help of the surgical process as well as with medical process. Surgical abortion is a process that is performed under the supervision of the health care provider and can be performed only if the gestation is more than 10 weeks. Medical abortion is a process wherein women can simply make use of Mifeprex and Misoprostol tablets that can help to end the gestation. The process of medical abortion is performed with the help of meds and can be performed only if the gestation is within 9 weeks. 

Difference between Mifeprex and Plan B tablet

Mifeprex and Plan B are different and one needs to know the difference. Plan B tablets are the emergency contraceptives whereas Mifepristone is an Abortion Pill used to have an abortion. The emergency contraceptives are to be used when women do indulge in sexual intimacy and do not use any contraceptives. Emergency contraceptives are used within 2 hours of having sexual intimacy and Abortion Pills are used if you have already existing gestation. 

Consuming Mifepristone 

Mifeprex tablet is to be used orally with a glass of water. The doses do differ depending upon which tablet is prescribed along with the use of the anti-progesterone tablet. If women are prescribed to use Misoprostol tablet then the doses vary as women may have to use 1 tablet of Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol. Also, if women are asked to Mifeprex online buy alone, then using 3 pills is prescribed, but even gestation is to be within 7 weeks. 

Time is taken by Mifepristone tablet to show the results

After making the use of the anti-progesterone tablet and prostaglandin tablet, women are likely to eliminate the pregnancy parts from the body within 2-24 hours. 


Women those who make use of Abortion Pills are likely to have few side effects. The side effects such as cramping and bleeding can be experienced as symptoms or indications that the tablet has worked. Other side effects that may occur include nausea, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, and chills. The side effect may occur in a few and may not in other.

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