All about first trimester and care to be taken

The first trimester or the initial stage when one does have pregnancy is something that takes the happiness of women to the next level. The first trimester proves to be overwhelming for women and also there are several changes that a woman might have to deal with. Usually, women, those who have unwished gestation do prefer to use Abortion Pills online and end the gestation. Women who are planning pregnancies do seem happy and continue the gestation. No woman would choose to end the gestation without any strong reason and hence it is necessary that one must think before an abortion. 

The first trimester is sensitive as the pregnancy during this time is not developed completely. But before you do start taking your care how do you know you are pregnant. Below mentioned are the change that you can see during the first trimester

Bodily changes

During the first trimester, one of the known symptoms that indicate pregnancy is missed menstruation. Other than the missed period you can check for the below-mentioned symptoms. 

Tender or swollen breast

This is the symptom that can be experienced during all three trimesters. After conception, hormonal changes can be experienced by a woman and your breasts are the sensitive part of your body. The discomfort can be caused to your breast and within a period of time, it might go away. After a few days, your body will adjust and you might not face the problem. 


Some women do have nausea with vomiting and some without vomiting. Morning sickness may strike you during any time and this symptom does occur after one month of being pregnant. The hormonal level in the body fluctuates and hence women are likely to have these symptoms. In order to avoid nausea, ensure that you do not keep your stomach empty. Consume small portions after every frequent interval. Avoid the food that makes you nauseous. Consume plenty of fluids and be in touch with health care experts. 

Increased urination

During pregnancy, women do complain about increased urination and this happens due to the amount of blood flow being increased in your body. The blood flow during gestation causes your kidney to make more fluids and this ends up in your bladder due to which frequent urination is experienced. 


The whole pregnancy depends upon the hormonal changes. Due to hormones you are likely to feel fatigued and may require rest as much as possible. Hence a healthy diet and exercise are the best way that can help women to deal with fatigue.

Food cravings and aversion

Pregnancy makes your body react to even sensitive things. You might become sensitive to some of the odors and even your taste might change. Your food preferences due to hormonal changes might change. It may happen that you may not like the food that you enjoyed the most. 


This is the most complained symptom that can be experienced by women during gestation. Due to the increase in progesterone hormones, the digestion of the food happens slowly and hence constipation can be experienced. If you have such problems, you can inform your health care provider. You would be prescribed iron supplements to feel relieved due to constipation issues. You can include some of the remedies such as consuming plenty of fiber in your diet and drinking lots of fluids.


During pregnancy, a woman does have mixed feelings and it is necessary that she must have someone by her side so that it can help her deal with emotions. It is absolutely fine if you feel even exhausted or anxious as these symptoms do accompany pregnant women. 

Also, ensure that you do have enough of the idea when to seek help from an expert.

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