Know every detail of frequent or increased urination during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can see yourself again and again rushing to the bathroom. There are a number of women who face the problem of frequent urination and one must take care of all the problems that are been experienced. During the first trimester, this problem may not be experienced much, but as the trimester increases, this problem can be seen increasing. 

When do women start to experience frequent urination during pregnancy?

Frequent urination is one of the most common symptoms that can be experienced by a woman who is pregnant. The symptoms of frequent urination starting in the first trimester and can stay with you throughout the gestation. When a woman is pregnant, the infant requires more space to grow and the uterus rises due to the abdominal cavity during the second trimester. Hence, due to this most of the women find themselves in the washroom. 

Frequent urination causes

The pregnancy hormones hCG increase the blood flow to the pelvic area. The increase in blood flow is good as it helps to increase pleasure during pregnancy. HCG level also increases blood flow to the kidneys and this becomes more efficient during gestation. Due to this, the kidney performs its work effectively and the body gets rid of waste more often and quickly. 

During pregnancy, the bladder is pressurized as there is no room to store the uterine. During the third trimester, the infant is growing and his or her head drops into pelvic due to which bladder presses and this urges you to go to the washroom. 

What can a woman do when you are pregnant?

Most of the women think that consuming less fluid can help them to cut down the trips to the washroom. But cutting down the fluids is not a solution. Try to empty your bladder by slight leaning towards and this can help you make a few trips to the washroom. 

Can you prevent frequent urination while you are pregnant?

Besides emptying the uterus, there are certain tricks that women can follow to avoid frequent urination:

Skip fluids that include caffeine

The intake of caffeine intake makes a woman pee more often and hence the consumption is to be restricted. 

Don’t drink before you hit the bed

If you constantly find yourself making trips to the washroom during the night, then try that you do limit the consumption of fluids before going to bed. 

When can the frequent urination end during the pregnancy period?

The internal organs of each woman slightly placed invariant, hence the degrees of the frequency may vary from one woman to another. A few women do notice frequent urination whereas some are not even bothered. Throughout the nine months, you are likely to have this symptom, until your child is born it is common.

When should women seek advice from health care providers for this specific issue?

Sometimes, the issue may get worse and the women may require help from health care practitioners. Your health care provider may run some tests so that it can be concluded whether you have UTI infected or not. Also, ensure that you keep a track of the color of your urine so that it can help you know whether you are hydrated or not. The urine should be clear and pale yellow and not dark.

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