Is Abdominal pain during pregnancy, serious?

Though pregnancy is a beautiful phase, there is a pain to bear throughout the three trimesters. Women who are not ready to continue the gestation can simply make use of online Abortion Pills and end the gestation whereas if you continue then taking all the measures that can help to continue the pregnancy.

While one is pregnant, pain, cramps, and many other things are common. This is nothing to worry about, but sometimes it becomes necessary to seek medical help.

The third trimester is a dramatic condition. Women do have to bear the changes right from the breathing, stretching of the skin, crowded organs, and many other things that make women exhausted. Stomach pain or abdominal pain experienced by women during gestation is common. The pain experienced can be sharp and shooting and sometimes can be dull. The pain in the abdominal part can be harmless, but if it is intense then one needs to seek medical help.

Is the pain experienced during pregnancy normal?

Stomach pain and abdomen pain can usually be experienced during early pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, women are likely to have nausea and vomiting accompanied by morning sickness. During the second trimester, the pain goes away. 

In some women, the pain may reappear as happens due to the crowded organs in the body. During this period, women are also likely to experience sensation on the skin, stomach stretching, and heartburn. 

Women during the third trimester if have a problem, then it can be an indication of a serious problem:

  • Pain occurring with other symptoms such as itching
  • Pain in a specific location
  • Constant pain
  • Sudden or intense pain
  • Pain that occurs with fever, vomiting, or nausea.

Causes of pain during the third trimester

There are harmless reasons that can cause pain during the third trimester. Below mentioned are some, but it is necessary that you must be aware of when to seek help. 

Constipation and gas

One of the most common disorders that can be experienced includes constipation and gas. During the initial trimester, the hormonal changes trigger constipation and during the third trimester, uterus puts pressure on the intestine and makes it difficult for women to have bowel movements.

To deal with these issues, women can simply increase the intake of fiber-rich food, take laxatives, or can seek some medicaments from the health care provider. 

Acid reflux

Acid reflux or heartburn is amongst the common symptom that can be experienced by women. The progesterone hormone causes acid reflux or heartburn in women during pregnancy. While lying down, women do experience this issue as it occurs due to pressure created by the uterus on the digestive tract. 

To deal with such issue’s women can consume smaller meals, use heartburn meds, or opt for a less acidic diet.

Stretching skin

During pregnancy stretching of the skin is normal. As your tummy grows, the skin stretches, but sometimes it can be painful. The skin itches and feels tight due to which the pain on the outside stomach is experienced more rather than the pain deep in the abdomen. Stretching the skin can sometimes be the culprit and hence you need to seek a solution that can soothe it.

Try some massage with the lotion and take warm showers, so that you can feel relieved from the discomfort. 

Muscle pain and strain

The abdominal strain and muscle pain are common as the uterus grows and it requires more place to accommodate. The pressure on the lower body changes the way a person walks or moves. Also bending down and lifting can result in stomach and chest muscle injury.

Not only the above mentioned, but there are also many other issues that can be experienced due to abdominal pain during the third trimester. Some of them are harmless and some may cause a problem. Hence learn from your health care provider when to seek medical help.

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