Know everything about medical abortion before the process begins

Having termination or deciding about it is not easy. Though the method to have an abortion bought some relaxation, but still, it is very tough to deal with it. Women who decide to have an abortion need to ensure that they have taken a firm decision and this helps them to move towards the process. Once your decision is firm you can simply check with the health care provider and choose to order online Abortion Pills and get rid of gestation. Unplanned gestation can be simply ended with tablets, but only if the gestation is up to 9 weeks

Know the process

Women prescribed to order Mifeprex and Cytotec online, then they need to know that they can get the process started as soon as possible. Beginning with the process only requires women to swallow the Mifepristone tablet and then administrate Cytotec Abortion Pills to end the gestation. 

While starting the process below mentioned steps can be followed.

The process starts with Mifepristone 200mg and this helps women to block the growth of the fetal particles. Once the interval of 24 hours is maintained women can simply choose to make use of the Cytotec Abortion Pill and get rid of gestation. 

If you are suggested to make use of Cytotec Abortion Pills you need to ensure that you do use 12 tablets at a time. The use of Abortion Pills should be done as mentioned so that it can help women to end the gestation successfully. The 12 tablets are to be administrated in the mentioned way so that getting successful results to become easy.

After effects

The use of Mifepristone and Misoprostol makes it easy for women to end the unplanned gestation. The use of the Abortion Pill makes women bleed and have cramps. The cramps and bleeding are accompanied by clotting sometimes and these are the indications of having an abortion. Some other side effects that can be accompanied include nausea, fatigue, fever, nausea, diarrhea, and chills. The side effects that occur sometimes may get severe then do seek assistance from the health care provider.


The use of Mifepristone and Cytotec tablets should be used as instructed. 

  • Mifepristone and Cytotec should not be used by women who have medical conditions.
  • If any woman is allergic to any of the elements of the Abortion Pill then the use is to be avoided. 
  • If any intrauterine device is placed in the body, then do get the device removed.
  • Do ensure that you are 18+ so that you can make use of the medicaments to end the gestation. 

Withdrawal effects

The use of Mifepristone and Cytotec works effectively so that it can help women to have an abortion. When abortion occurs, cramping is the first indication that symbolizes the working of the tablets. Followed by cramping, bleeding is been experienced and at times bleeding is accompanied by clotting. 

The primary indications are sometimes followed by side effects such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, chills, and vomiting. The side effects need emergency help sometimes and hence you need to keep an eye on the emergency room. 

Care to be taken while on Cytotec tablet

  1. Women recommended to order Cytotec need to know that they do avoid using the med for any other purpose if they wish to continue with the gestation. 
  2. Women are recommended that they do strictly stay away from the consumption of alcohol and smoke so that the pills do not interact and result in side effects. 
  3. It is necessary that indulging in sexual intimacy is to be avoided so that infection can be prevented. 
  4. Also, you need to avoid performing any strenuous exercise as this can result in heavy bleeding.

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