What should one know about the shortness of breath during pregnancy?

There are several changes that can be experienced by women when it comes to pregnancy. Bodily, mental and emotional changes are experienced by women and it becomes necessary that one does be ready to bear those changes. It is not easy for women but still carrying a pregnancy to full term is another level task. Some women are not ready, and do end up choosing online Abortion Pills that help to cancel the pregnancy. Hence, women need to be aware that if anything bothers them then managing the symptoms becomes easy.

There are various symptoms experienced by women and one symptom that affects them is shortness of breath. As your pregnancy progresses, one needs to know that taking a breath becomes a bit difficult. Women during gestation have issues such as shortness of breath and taking care during this period is mandatory.

Is it fine if women do have shortness of breath?

Although mild breathlessness is experienced and this is uncomfortable, it is common. Also, it is safe for your baby and one simply needs to concentrate that women do not end up having too much breathlessness.

When do these symptoms actually start during the pregnancy?

Shortness of breath usually starts during the second trimester of pregnancy and accompanies till the third trimester as your baby continues to grow.

What reasons cause shortness of breath in pregnancy?

Pregnancy hormones stimulate the frequency and depth of breaths to increase. Hence, women require too much oxygen, so that their baby can breathe. These hormones also cause swelling to the capillaries in your respiratory tract and allow your muscles of the lungs and bronchial tubes to relax.

This makes you feel like you’re sucking wind and you require more breath.

Later in pregnancy, the baby grows and the uterus gets pushed towards the diaphragm. This compresses your lungs and the limitation is caused to expanding due to which breathing feels like running in a marathon. 

How can one manage short breathing during the pregnancy?

Though you can’t completely feel relieved from the symptoms, there are certain things that help you ease the symptoms and include: 

  • Sleep propped up on the left side or else decide which position works best for your circulation and rest for a few minutes.
  • Stand as straight as you can and this makes room for your lungs to do their job.
  • Just don’t push yourself hard and you can definitely perform your daily activities. Women can even perform exercises such as walking and exercise but avoid strenuous exercise.

When does the shortness of breath end?

The baby drops in your pelvis and during this period you’re likely to feel more comfortable and this is because the lungs get free space to breathe as soon as your baby drops in pelvic. Women do not have to worry about any symptoms and can discuss about those symptoms with the health care provider. 

The shortness of breath is not the only symptom and women can choose any remedy only after consulting a health care provider and carry the gestation to the full term.

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