How does having gestation lead to an increase or decrease of dose?

It is very difficult for women to deal with an unexpected pregnancy situation. Women with unplanned pregnancies need to be careful with everything so that they do not end up creating more mess. Women with unplanned pregnancies need to first learn about the gestation and then doses to know whether they can undergo a medical abortion or not. Before you proceed with anything, know that women with a gestation of up 9 weeks can only buy Abortion Pills to cancel the pregnancy.

Gestation period

Women recommended having an abortion need to learn about the age of the pregnancy. The age of pregnancy is something that helps to decide whether to have a medical abortion or surgical abortion. There are two methods that help women to calculate the gestation period.

First method

Start counting from the first day of the last menstrual period to the current date and this helps women to know about the age of the pregnancy. This gives you an accurate idea about the gestation and one can rely on this method only if they have a regular menstrual period.

Second method

The best method that one can rely on is an ultrasound test. An ultrasound test helps women to know the exact location and type of pregnancy they’ve. 

The difference in doses concerning gestation

Gestation 7 or 9 weeks

Women with a gestation of up to 9 weeks are recommended with Mifepristone and Cytotec and this is one of the known combinations that work in favor of women. The process begins with a Mifepristone tablet and this helps to block the growth of the pregnancy.

The anti-progesterone elements from the Abortion Pill work to stop the development of fetal particles and after the administration of the primary tablet, wait for 24 hours. After the use of Mifepristone tablets, use Cytotec tablet for an abortion. The use of these secondary tablets contracts the uterus and flushes the pregnancy parts from the body.

At times, women are also guided to use 12 tablets to cancel the pregnancy. One needs to start with the administration of 4 tablets and then wait for 3 hours and repeat the process twice.

Decrease in gestation

Women with less gestation period of up to 7 weeks are at times guided to use only Mifeprex (3 tablets) or use Mifeprex (1 tablet) and Cytotec (4 tablets) to end the pregnancy. The doses that are used are prescribed as per the gestation and hence, one needs to seek medical help to get the right dose.

Should one stop using the dose once the bleeding starts?

After making the use of 4 tablets of Cytotec, there are chances you might end up having bleeding. Once you start bleeding, doesn’t mean you need to stop the use of Abortion Pills. You simply need to continue using the tablets and this works in favor of women. Even if the bleeding is experienced, do not discontinue the use of online Cytotec and this can help to expel the pregnancy parts from the body.

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