Why should women shout about their abortion?

Initially, having an abortion was not an option. Also, women who landed in a problem such as unwished gestation, used to choose unhealthy options that would affect the overall health of women. Slowly, with improvements in technology, women were made aware of surgical abortion. This is a process performed under the supervision of health care providers, and women used to choose this method only if it was mandatory to abort the pregnancy.

With evolution, women were introduced to medical abortion, and this process was conducted only with the help of online Abortion Pills.

Why do women hide about abortion?

There are several reasons behind women choosing medical abortion or surgical abortion. A lot of time, when it comes to abortion, women are blamed the most and this is wrong. The decisions related to the reproductive health of women should be taken only by women as this works in favor of women and helps them a lot.

Hiding about abortion is a good choice but this stops one from sharing their situation with another woman.

How can sharing one’s story help other women?

Several women end up purchasing online MTP kit, and these tablets help women to terminate the pregnancy. The view or conditions or experience regarding using an MTP kit should be shared as this helps other women to know whether they’re at risk of some complication or not. Also, a few women do not use medical abortion as an option as they have some misunderstanding. 

Sharing your views and experience helps other women to know there are other women too who have had an abortion, and this is quite normal

How can one judge your circumstance and come up with the situation?

After going through the whole process, you’ll come across this is common. If you go through the internet, there are millions of stories of abortion that you can scroll. These stories help women to learn about abortion and what all can be expected. Hence, do not feel alone, there are millions of women who end up having an abortion, and women need to keep themselves positive rather than questioning themselves.

Where can women share their abortion stories?

Women having an abortion need to understand that sharing their experience helps other women too. Women can share their thoughts on the website from where they purchased online Abortion Pills or can write their stories on various social media platforms. Sharing these stories helps other women know about their side. Also, this helps one to know where to get the medicaments from and what all prep up do you require.

Having an abortion is not a sin or crime, instead, it is a choice of women that helps them plan their future and child’s future well. Also, shouting about abortion not only helps you come up from the abortion trauma, but it also helps women, other women, to make their choice and make their own decision. Initially, women used to keep an abortion secret, even today they do the same. But today, they do not fail to share their experience wherever possible.

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