Vaginal discharge and its meaning during the pregnancy

Throughout life, women have to deal with vaginal discharge and every vaginal discharge has a different texture and volume and its meaning. Women if does have increased vaginal discharge then it is concluded as the earliest sign of gestation. Some of the changes experienced by women are normal and some are the indication of having an infection. Usually, women having gestation who does not prefer continuing can learn about these symptoms so that it can help them to know when to seek help for abortion. Women can simply choose to online order Abortion Pills so that it can help to end the gestation.

The color of the vaginal discharge is one that can help to know about the health of women. Below are some of the types of discharge that can be experienced by women:

  • Milky white or clear
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Green or yellow
  • White and lumpy

Normal discharge

It is common to have discharge during the various stages of life. The menstrual cycle and pregnancy are also staged, wherein the different vaginal discharge can be experienced by women. Healthy vaginal discharge is known as leukorrhea and it is thin, clear, and white and mild odor.

As soon as a woman conceives the discharge throughout the pregnancy increases and this increases the risk of vaginal and uterine infection.

During the final week of the pregnancy, the discharge is heavy and pink mucus can be experienced. The mucus is sticky and has jelly-like consistently that indicates, the body is preparing for labor.

Discharge color and meaning

Below are described discharge and health issues described by it:

Clear or milky white

The color suggests that leukorrhea and this is a normal and healthy discharge that smells mild.

If a woman does experience change in the consistency or quantity of the discharge then it is an indication of an issue. Women who have pregnant and are carrying the pregnancy to the full term need to ensure that they do always stay in touch with health care providers about it. This indicates preterm labor and hence staying in touch can help you avoid the consequences.

White and lumpy

At times, women are likely to have with or off-white discharge that is lumpy and resembles cottage cheese and this is an indication of yeast infection.

Yeast infection during pregnancy is common and few symptoms that can help you know about it include painful urination, painful intercourse, itching, and burning.

Green or yellow discharge

Green or yellow discharge is some time that indicates STI and is not healthy. Some other symptoms that are accompanied include redness or irritation in the genitals. STI’s do cause more issue during pregnancy and affects the health of a woman and an infant. The complications do go away, but might occur after birth and can have an effect on the nervous system of the child or can make women infertile.


Grey vaginal is an indication of having bacterial vaginosis and the odour of this discharge becomes intense after intercourse. Having multiple sexual partners or douching regularly are the reasons behind such disorder. This is one of the common vaginal infection experienced by women during the childbearing age.


Brown discharge is not a point of concern and it is usually an indication of old blood leaving the body as well as is considered as an early pregnancy symptom.

Women if do experience dark brown discharge then seeking medical help is a must.


The pink discharge may or may not be a point of concern. Women having an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriages may consider it as a concern, whereas women having labor consider it a positive indication. Ensure that you do seek medical help in any of the cases.


Red discharge requires immediate medical help. These symptoms do occur in women due to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Hence, whatever is the condition, women are guided to seek medical help if they do think discharge disturbs them.

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