Which terms should be known well when you’re about to have an abortion?

Women who end up having an unintended pregnancy need to know few things. Be it the process, the right way to use tablets, or any other instructions, everything are mandatory. The right use of online Abortion Pills helps women to end the pregnancy in a smoother way and during the initial stage. Women with an unplanned pregnancy can choose to use these tablets and this helps to get rid of pregnancy at home corners.

Well, having an abortion with Mifeprex and Cytotec is easy, but there are a few things such as knowing certain terms and this helps women know the process more closely.

Fertilization and conception

To have a pregnancy, there is a process and the process wherein an egg is produced and it meets the sperm to form a zygote is a process of fertilization. Conception, though, is not a medical term, but is a belief that it begins when the Zygote is formed. 

Gestational age

Well, many women confuse when it comes to knowing the gestation age. The mistake is, women do count from the last day of their last menstrual period.

The right method is counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. This helps you get the right gestational age and know the process that helps in an abortion.

Embryo and fetus

The stage of development of an embryo after the 9th week is known as the fetus. Till the 9th week, the conception parts are known as an embryo.

Once you know the above-mentioned terms, you have a good idea about the terms that your health care provider may tell you about.

Once you’re aware of the terms, having an abortion becomes easy and the process works like.

You need to either use 1 tablet of Mifeprex and 4 tablets of Cytotec or 12 tablets of Cytotec to get the fetal particles flushed out from the body.

When you’re guided to use two types of tablets,

Mifeprex is used first and this helps to block the growth of fetal particles and consumption this should be used with a glass of water.

After the use of Mifeprex, women are recommended with a waiting period of 24 hours and then use Cytotec Abortion Pills online to contract the uterus and this helps to flush the pregnancy parts from the body. 

Using 12 tablets of 200 mcg each to have an abortion

Women guided to use 12 tablets need to use the tablets in a suggested manner. The First 4 tablets are to be used and then wait for 3 hours is recommended and then the process is to be repeated. This works smoothly for women and helps women to get rid of pregnancy without causing any major negative effects. 


  1. Women need to know the use of other medicaments that might interact and cause side effects. 
  2. Avoid the use of magnesium as they might interact with online Cytotec tablets and cause side effects. 
  3. Ensure that the consumption of liquor is prohibited. 
  4. Lifting any heavy things should be avoided.

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