How does the change in vaginal discharge help women know a few things?

Lots of weird changes do take place while you get pregnant. Sometimes the breast swells, veins enlarge, the skin stretches, and many other things do take place. Well, some of the changes are visible and women need to know whether it is bothersome or not. 

Women usually do have a vaginal discharge and that is an indication that it cleans itself. The discharge at every stage is different and means different, women need to know about it and know when to seek help.

Women do have different discharges on regular days, it varies during menstruation and it varies after you use online Abortion Pills

During pregnancy, women are likely to notice too much discharge as compared to the usual one and this is nothing to be worried about.

What to expect while you’re pregnant regarding the vaginal discharge?

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a change or increase in vaginal discharge. This change accompanies you throughout the pregnancy. Usually, the discharge that women have is thin, white, mild smelling, and clear.

The changes in the vaginal discharge can be experienced after one or two weeks of conception. As soon as the pregnancy begins to continue, the vaginal discharge does get thick and towards the end of pregnancy, it gets heaviest. 

There are lots of times when the discharge contains streaks of thick mucus and sometimes streaks of blood known as “show”. This is an early sign of labor and should not be a sign of cause for alarm. If you still find it a bit worrying then simply seek medical help from a health care provider.

What affects the change in vaginal discharge?

The hormonal changes occur due to the fluctuation in Hormonal levels. Even when you become pregnant, the hormonal changes continue, and women are likely to experience vaginal discharge. As the cervix and vagina during the pregnancy become soft, excessive discharge is produced and this helps to prevent infection. Also, towards the end of the pregnancy, the head of the baby might press against the cervix due to which excessive vaginal discharge is produced in your body.

When to consult a health care provider?

There are times when your vaginal discharge indicates about infection and you need to be careful about it. Having a change in color of vaginal infection can be an infection or a problem with your pregnancy. Some of the abnormal signs of vaginal infection include

  • Strong and foul odor
  • Yellow, gray, or green color 
  • Redness or itching or vulvar swelling

There is a possibility that you might end up having a yeast infection and if it occurs during pregnancy, then your health care provider is likely to suggest you some suppository or vaginal cream. If you think its a vaginal infection then you need to,

  1. Add yogurt or fermented food to your diet
  2. Wear cotton underwear
  3. Wear breathable and loose clothing’s
  4. After having a shower, exercise, or swimming, ensure you do dry your vagina.

If you think this is an alarm indicating that you should seek help then without wasting a movement simply rush to an emergency room.

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