How are age and infertility linked?

Women are always recommended to conceive as soon as possible. But when they land in a problem such as unwished gestation, they’re guided to order abortion pills. Well, both the cases are in the hand of women, but the situation or the circumstances make women decide what is to be done and what not. There are several people who do find it difficult to gauge when to conceive and when not, well, age is really something that matters the most.

Age and fertility

Well, age and fertility do go hand-in-hand, and hence, it is recommended that one does conceive at the right age. A woman can conceive only when fertility is at its peak and as age increases, fertility begins to decline. Also, the quality of eggs begins to decline and this happens due to an increase in age. As per the age, women need to conceive before she reaches the age of 30.

Getting pregnant before 20

Well, during this period, women are at the peak of fertility. If you try to conceive during this age, then you’re likely to get pregnant soon and smooth.

Also, you need to know, there might be fewer complications and hence, the patient is guided that they do conceive the pregnancy only after planning.

Getting pregnant in the ’30s

Conceiving during this period too is favorable. During this period, the couples are mature, and conceiving during this period helps you get pregnant smoothly. Well, during this time, there are chances that you might have complications but conceiving is easy.

Getting pregnant after the ’30s

Till the age of 35, women can conceive, but the quality of eggs does decline. There are some cases wherein women do conceive smoothly, but certain cases require medical treatment. Also, sometimes, there are chances you might have to deal with miscarriage. 

Conceiving after 40

There are very rare chances wherein women do conceive after the age of 35. After 35 years, women do find it really difficult to conceive and towards 40, there is hardly a 5% chance that women can conceive. Also, women need to take all the instructions from health care providers.

Below mentioned are the reasons that decrease the chances of getting pregnant
  • The chances of having a miscarriage increase.
  • The quality of eggs after a certain period decline
  • The ovaries become less likely to release the eggs
  • The number of eggs released, as you move towards menopause decreases.

What options can you stick to if you want to conceive later?

Well, there are some women who choose to use an online MTP kit and get rid of gestation smoothly. But there are some women who prefer to get pregnant late. To avoid the complications and other things, women do stick to some of the measures that can help you and includes:


This is a treatment wherein the eggs are fertility with the partner’s sperm and then it is transferred to your uterus due to which conceiving becomes easy.

Freezing the eggs

When fertility is at its peak, the eggs are retrieved and frozen and when you wish to conceive, the eggs are injected with the sperm and then implanted into the uterus.

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