Which different abortion methods can be used by women?

Women having unwished gestation do always wish they had some options they can use this method to cancel the pregnancy. One of the amazing options that can be chosen is the online abortion pill, but it is necessary that one must follow the right method to get rid of the pregnancy. When women want to learn about the options, two options are usually available and it includes medical and surgical abortion. The method is chosen depending upon various factors right from age of pregnancy to the medical history women have.

Some of the things every woman needs to know and mentioned below.

Vacuum Aspiration

Initially, women-only were known to surgical abortion, but even they’re classified further. This is a method performed under the supervision of a healthcare provider. The local anesthetic is used and a speculum is inserted in the vagina to access the fetal particles and cervix. A thin tube is connected to a handheld syringe and then is inserted into the uterus to suck the tissue out from the uterus. This is a vacuum aspiration method performed only by an expert. Women are likely to have cramping sensations and at times feel sweaty, nauseous, or might get faint. 

This process is performed only between 3-12 weeks of gestation and is performed during the initial stage. During the two weeks after undergoing Vacuum aspiration, women are likely to have irregular bleeding and spotting. Cramps do occur similarly to the menstrual cycle and do last for several hours. This is the best method and only a few risks are included and even fewer complications occur.

Dilation and Evacuation or D&E

Dilation and Curettage and Dilation and evacuation are a bit similar. While undergoing the D&E method, the use of forceps is used so that the uterus can get empty.

Women undergoing D&E need to have their cervix wide open to allow the pregnancy parts to get removed. The cervix gets softened and dilated so that the pregnancy tissues can be removed. Your healthcare provider will start preparing for the process at least two days before. 

Usually, this process is performed after the 13th week till the 24th week of pregnancy. Your healthcare provider may recommend you with some strong painkillers or sedatives so that the abortion process can be performed without interruption.

Labor Induction or induction abortion

This is a method not much known, but is performed by inducing labor with the help of drugs and is known as induction abortion. The process is only performed at the hospital and a woman is given strong sedatives before starting the process. Before you’re prepared for dilating the cervix, you need to undergo some ultrasound tests and blood tests. As per the name, the induction method contracts and expel the pregnancy parts. 

Once you undergo this process, the fetal particles get expelled from the body or if it doesn’t get expelled, it is removed by the health care provider.


This is a method performed under local or general anesthesia. This is similar to C-section and the process is performed by making an incision through the abdomen into the uterus so that the pregnancy contents are removed from the body. This method is performed only around 24 weeks and is the best option. This surgery is performed by numbing the lower part. Your healthcare provider will explain to you the whole process in a good manner.

Medical abortion

This is one of the popular methods that help women. Women only have to order Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets and use them at home corners to get rid of the gestation. Women simply need to ensure that they do follow the instructions provided by the health care provider to know the function of tablets and many other things. While other methods are performed after 13 weeks, this is the only process performed if women do have a gestation of up to 9 weeks.

The mentioned abortion methods are best and are used only as per the gestation period.

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