How smooth are Dilation and Evacuation is performed?

Giving birth to the child is a dream of every lady. It becomes necessary that women do have a strong belief regarding pregnancy. This can help women to know whether they can continue with the gestation or not. Women need to make the decisions at the earliest so that it can help to choose the right method as per the condition. Women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks are guided to order Abortion Pills whereas after 10th week are recommended to undergo a surgical abortion.

Usually, women are too worried when it comes to surgical abortion, but it is opted by women only if any complications arise or if women do prefer abortion after 12-13 weeks.

Dilation and Evacuation

This process is conducted under the supervision of health care. Also, the process is not lengthy and hardly takes 2-30 minutes. This process dilates the cervix and removes the fetal particles with the help of surgical instruments. Though this sounds a bit frightening, the relief is, it has been performed by an expert practicing for many years.

At least, two days' preparation is required so that it can help to get the desired results and to let every conclusion properly.

Day one

  • First, pregnancy will be confirmed. Tests for Rh status, anemia, blood count is conducted.
  • The medical history will be asked including the allergies and the current meds that are been used.
  • An ultrasound test will be performed to know the age of gestation and the location.
  • You will be guided about the process, side effects, and all the things that contribute to the process.
  • Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.
  • A speculum is inserted into the vagina so that it's open. With the help of a solution, the vagina and cervix are cleaned, and also local anesthetic is injected into the cervix.
  • Osmotic dilators are inserted so that these small tubes can absorb the moisture that is around the cervix and swells. This is performed at least 12-24 hours of conducting surgical abortion to have easy access to the uterus. At times, Online Cytotec tablets are also used to soften the cervix.
  • In some cases, the medicaments are injected into the fetus, so that the developer gets blocked and fetal particles are pliable.

Day 2

  • On the second day, the speculum is inserted in the vagina so that it can behold open. The solutions are used so that the vagina and cervix are cleaned. The dilator inserted is removed, and a pelvic examination is done to know when the process can be performed.
  • The painkiller injection is injected as well as an anesthetic is used so that the blood doesn’t flow much.
  • The cervix is dilated with the help of dilators so that the cervix is opened.
  • An ultrasound test is performed to confirm the absence of a fetal heartbeat
  • A small tube is inserted into the uterus, and the suction machine removes the tissues from the uterus.
  • Forceps are placed in the uterus, and the larger piece of the fetus is grasped
  • A curette is used to scrape the walls of uterine, and the remaining parts are also removed.
  • An examination is being conducted so that the process of confirmation is completed.

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