Know what doesn’t let the birth control pills work

As the upgrades are made to educating the women related to sexual intimacy, contraceptive, and Abortion Pills, several questions arise. Educating a woman is good, but giving a half knowledge can be dangerous. Women when does land in unplanned pregnancy, have thousands of questions. Some do get confused with online Abortion Pills and contraceptive pills. As the core of these tablets is to block the pregnancy, women misunderstand the use of these tablets.

Abortion Pills or MTP kit pills online are the ones that are used after women do have a pregnancy. Birth control pills are the ones that are used on a regular basis in order to avoid the pregnancy from occurring or to regularize your menstrual periods. 

Sometimes women do land in problem and they think using birth control remedies or meds are of no use. This is the wrong side, the pills do sometimes fail to work and this can happen due to various reasons. Below mentioned are some of the reasons that can help you know what should be avoided:

Skipping tablets in between

A lot of times, we are so much involved in our regular work, we tend to forget the consumption of tablets. Skipping tablets someday and using it someday is not a good idea as this can make your tablets become ineffective. If you’re put on birth control tablets ensure that you do use these remedies continuously for the prescribed period. Also, some reports state that women who skip the tablets are likely to land in situations such as unplanned pregnancy.

Inflammatory bowel or digestive disorder

Inflammatory bowel or digestive disorders are something that interferes with the working ability of the pill. These disorders don’t allow your body to completely absorb the tablet and perform its work. Even if women do have diarrhea or nausea then you need to assume that you did not consume the birth control tablets even if have consumed it. The reason behind this is, chronic diarrhea doesn’t impede absorption.

Bad timing

Some women also do forget about the tablet due to timing complications. Consuming the tablets at the very same time helps to maintain the cycle and tablet works effectively in your body. Do always consume the tablets at the very same time so that you do not forget to pop up the tablet.


There are birth control tablets that do interact with certain food. The foods such as dairy products, soy products, yam, and licorice are the one that interacts and doesn’t let your birth control tablet work. If you consume these products in moderation, then the effect of the pill doesn’t happen much. Hence, whenever your health care provider prescribes you with a tablet ensure that you do seek a list of what interacts and what not. Hence, whenever your health care provider prescribes you with a tablet ensure that you do seek a list of what interacts and what not.

Herbal remedies and supplements

Herbal remedies and supplements do work in their specific area and this does interact with certain tablets and one of them is birth control tablets. Though the herbal supplements do not interact but do have an unexpected effect on the working of the tablet.

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