Know the 5 things before using Abortion Pills

Most of the ladies are aware of the Abortion Pills, yet there are some who do not know the specifications of the tablets. Some women have a deep knowledge to use the meds and get rid of the unwished gestation whereas some women do not even know the right method of administration. Below mentioned are a few things that you need to learn about medical abortion and the tablets used for it.

The abortion tablets can be used only during an early trimester

Women are guided to order online Abortion Pills only if they have a pregnancy of up to 9 weeks. These tablets only work in favor of successful results if the gestation is within 9 weeks. Women with the exceeded gestation need to simply choose to undergo a surgical abortion. During the initial weeks, the pregnancy parts are not completely developed and can get easily expelled from the body due to using the tablets.

The bleeding continues and an embryo is expelled

When it is mentioned that the consumption of the Cytotec tablet flushes the pregnancy parts, it states that in the form of clots and bleeding women are likely to experience abortion. The use of the Cytotec tablet sheds the uterine lining. Once the lining begins to shed with the help of the Mifepristone tablet, women need to use Cytotec tablet. This prostaglandin tablet makes it easy for women to empty the uterus. The whole process of vaginal bleeding takes around 10-18 days. Also at times, the embryo particles do get flushed after 2 days of administrating the process.

The conclusion on the same can be easily sought only after undergoing an ultrasound test.

It’s not only a single pill

Most of the women have a misunderstanding that the whole process can be performed with the help of a single pill. You either require a single type of pill, but with increased dose. Usually, women are recommended to not only purchase Cytotec tablets online but also Mifepristone. The use of both the pills work effectively and help women to get rid of the gestation. If your gestation is within 7-8 weeks, then anyone tablet with increases dose (either 3 tablets of Mifepristone or 12 tablets of Cytotec) re prescribed to you.

The termination tablets do not cause abortion

Yes, the statement might sound disappointing, but this is the truth. Sometimes, the pregnancy parts do not leave the uterus completely and this results in an incomplete abortion. Also, some women do forget to catch up with their health care provider. After using Mifepristone and Cytotec tablets women are recommended to seek an appointment for a follow-up. This can help you know whether your uterus got empty completely or not.

The physical inconvenience and unclear points

There are a number of women who feel relieved after having an abortion, but some report the negative feelings after having an abortion. The reasons are unclear and hence when any effect on health is been experienced then you need to seek help. Sometimes, women do have a surgical abortion and some withdrawal effects such as injury to reproductive organs occur and this can be experienced a bit later. Hence, if you feel any inconvenience simply seek help.

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