Know the aspects that result in Infertility

An insane number of women do have an abortion every year and it becomes necessary that an initiative is taken to help women avoid such situations. Having an abortion is definitely an option that helps you during a difficult situation, but you can’t take such things lightly. Women having an abortion can order online MTP kit and get rid of the gestation, but some do have a misapprehension that this can lead to infertility. To clear this particular uncertainty, one must have an idea about infertility.


Infertility occurs in women due to various reasons and one needs to know what is infertility and then learn the reasons causing them.  A woman is said to have infertility when she tries to conceive for a consecutive year. One of the significant symptoms of having infertility is the problem of conceiving. 

Not only menstrual periods, but many other factors can be responsible for infertility. 

Some of the factors that contribute to this disorder include:

History of STI

This is a type of infection that occurs due to indulging in sexual intimacy with various partners. Women who indulge in sexual intimacy with various partner needs to get themselves, as well as their partner, checked. At times, STI is also a reason that affects your fertility.


Definitely, age plays an important role if women want to conceive. Some women try to conceive after the ’30s and during their late 30’s too. As women start getting older, the chances of getting pregnant decline, due to the decline in the number and quality of eggs. Move over, women who are in their ’40s are less fertile and hence, women are suggested to plan a pregnancy concerning their age.


This is a renowned reason for having infertility. Women who is overweight or have obesity then it is likely they might find it difficult to conceive. Hereafter, women need to look into whether they do maintain a good weight that can help them conceive. Sometimes, being too thin or low weight can cause problems conceiving.

Irregular periods

This is the common and principal reason for women having infertility. Irregular periods are something that occurs due to various reasons and it is necessary that one must choose the right treatment as well as know what is affecting the periods. Irregular periods should be treated under the supervision of the health care provider.


Everything has positive as well as negative aspects and the same is the case of exercise. Women living a sedentary life are likely to have obesity, which contributes to irregular periods and infertility. Women performing persistent exercise are likely to have disturbed irregular periods due to a woman’s ovulation pattern. Perform the exercise only after concerning an expert so that you do not overdo the exercise.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption

Stuff such as tobacco or liquor is something that does have a negative effect on your health as well as on fertility. Even if you’re undergoing fertility treatment, avoid the consumption of liquor and tobacco.

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