Know about the care to be taken after abortion

Several things are to be considered while one does wish to end the gestation. Women do come across lots of queries, questions, and concerns that can affect the whole decision. Even after you order online Abortion Pill and get rid of gestation, there are a number of things that may bother, especially during the process. Women having a gestation terminated are likely to have painful cramps. The use of the tablets causes a contraction to the uterus that results in painful cramps. 

Below mentioned are the side effects and their treatment to deal with, during an abortion.


This is a normal side effect or symptom that must occur, otherwise, the abortion might remain incomplete. The bleeding experienced during an abortion is heavy as the pregnancy parts do tend to get released from your body. Often after the administration of secondary tablets, Misoprostol, women are likely to have bleeding.

  1. It is normal to have bleeding that is too heavy. 
  2. Do not ignore the bleeding that soaks more than 2-3 maxi pads within an hour or two. This is an indication of complication and you may need to seek medical help.
  3. There are no such remedies or methods that can help you deal with bleeding as it is common to experience during an abortion. 

Painful cramps

This is the primary symptom that might occur due to the use of online Mifeprex and Misoprostol tablets. After making the use of prostaglandin tablets women are likely to have painful cramps. The cramps are the result of contraction caused due to the use of Abortion Pills. Along with the passing of clots the cramps might get severe. 

If you have severe cramps stick to the following remedies:
  1. Use ibuprofen every 6-8 hours. 
  2. Get some uterine massage as this can make you feel good.
  3. Try to consume hot beverages such as tea or coffee.
  4. Use a heating pad so that it can help your abdomen feel a bit relieved from the pain.


Clots are likely to occur and you do not have any other option, other than letting the clots pass. Ensure that you do keep a check on the size of the clots that are passing. If the size of clots is bigger than the lemon size, then simply rush to the medical room. There are no tips or tricks that can help you get rid of clots.

Other side effects

Above mentioned are the mandatory symptoms that can be experienced by every woman during an abortion, but there are certain other side effects that might occur and trouble you during an abortion. 

Body temperature

Some women are likely to have a fever. Your health care provider might alert you regarding this when you consult him/her. If you have fever or chills that stays for more than a day, then simply rush to an emergency room to seek help from an expert. 

Nausea or vomiting

Nausea or vomiting is also at times accompanied during the process. Women are recommended that they do seek help from an expert if these side effects last for more than a day. To go easy with nausea ensure that you do consume a diet that is easy to digest. Heavy food is to be strictly avoided. 

Pregnancy symptoms

There are times when pregnancy symptoms may continue to occur. If any such symptoms are experienced simply meet your gynecologist and seek an appropriate remedy.

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