Precautions that are mandatory while using MTP kit

MTP kit is also known as the Medical Pregnancy Termination kit and also it is known as an Abortion Pill kit. This kit is quite popular and women need to know all the precautions that can help to recover soon from the abortion process. When the process is initiated women need to start taking all the measures. This process cannot be reversed and hence women need to think twice before women do buy Abortion Pills to get rid of the gestation.

Before one does start making use of this kit women need to keep in mind below mentioned points. Either you purchase from e-pharmacies or local stores, you need to know the following things:

  1. The MTP kit that you are supposed to purchase ensure that it is FDA approved
  2. People those who get the kit from the e-pharmacies need to check the genuineness of the website
  3. You are aware of the pros, cons, precautions, and side effects of using this remedy for ending the gestation.

Dosage pattern

When one is prescribed with the use of MTP kit, a woman needs to start with the Mifepristone pill. This is the primary pill that starts its work by blocking the development of the embryo. This tablet is to be used by women with a glass of water and as soon as this pill is administrated it starts to shed the uterine lining.

After making use of the Mifepristone pill, wait for 24 hours and then make use of Misoprostol pill from MTP kit. This secondary pill is rich in prostaglandin elements and this is responsible for eliminating the embryo from the body. Women can easily place these pills vaginally and buccally and get rid of the unwished pregnancy.


After one does make use of MTP kit women are likely to experience bleeding and cramping. These are the effects that can help women know that the pills have worked. These side effects occur in women within 24 hours of using the pills and if any symptom of bleeding is not been experienced then seeking medical help is the best option. 

Other than bleeding and cramping some other side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting can be experienced by women.  These aftermaths are the one which differs from women to women and as per the length of the pregnancy. 

At times it may happen that even after making use of the MTP kit women may not find any symptoms of ending the pregnancy and when such is a case one needs to get hospitalized to seek medical help. Also, if women do experience any odd changes, then women need to seek medical help and get them treated. 


There are some limitations on who can and cannot MTP kit online buy to get the pregnancy terminated such as:

  1. Age: age plays an important role and if the age of women is below 18 or above 35, they are restricted to use the pills for termination.
  2. Medical conditions: women having liver, kidney, diabetes, blood pressure, uterine rupture or intentional infection issues should strictly get rid of the gestation using other methods such as surgical abortion. 
  3. Allergy: There are possibilities that women may have an allergy towards the ingredients that are present in this pill for termination then the use need to avoid. 
  4. Other things: if you have used blood thinner then the use of tablets is to be avoided. If an intrauterine device is placed then the device is to be removed and then the use of medicaments can be done. 


When one is prescribed to make use of the MTP kit, it is necessary that few precautions must be taken.

  • Boozing and smoking are to be strictly restricted
  • Use of tampons is to be avoided (sanitary pads can be used instead)
  • Use of any herbal supplements or any other supplements should be avoided
  • Grapefruit interacts and results negatively due to which the use is not recommended.

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