Is Work from Home a Better Option During Medical Abortion?

For modern women these days it becomes a big task to terminate an unwanted pregnancy because then they has to put their work, career and other factors on hold. Women these days do not visit the doctor for a surgical abortion rather for a gestation of 70 days or lesser women buy abortion pill online and get it done at home in complete privacy. Even though medical abortion benefits you complete privacy and allows you to terminate a pregnancy at home, it does not mean you can resume work from the next day. It takes about 10 days for the process to completely end and few more days for the body to recover completely. The availability of abortion pills online is too much and you get so many sites to buy them from. Just make sure that whichever abortion pill you buy is approved by FDA and is from an authentic site.

This non-invasive method of abortion comes with certain criteria as well which as to be understood and followed. The reason why women buy MTP Kit online is that they cannot visit the clinic and opt for a surgery. Another important factor for women these days is that they cannot skip their work. Someone who cannot skip their work and want to terminate a pregnancy, we have few tips for you so keep reading-

Is it advisable to go to the office during an abortion?

On the very first day of administration of abortion, most women do not experience any side effects that can interrupt their work hence if somebody wishes to go to the office they can do so considering they feel better or not. Make sure you take the desired precautions before going to work because you are most likely to experience symptoms such as nausea or weakness which can be there even after consumption of Mifepristone abortion pill. If you want to go for work you can consult the doctor and take the desired tablets for the same.

The actual response comes when women consume Misoprostol tablet. Within a couple of hours, women start experiencing heavy cramps and abdominal pain which can be experienced within 24 hours. Hence, doctors suggest not going for work on this day. If privacy is an important factor for someone then you must not go to your workplace after administering Misoprostol abortion pill because the after-effects are visible and make it quite obvious. Your body needs complete rest for about 4-5 days as suggested by the doctors.

So what is the solution?

If your workplace os flexible enough then you can always apply for work from home which is the best way to still be connected with your work and take rest. It is essential to rest only on the day you consume secondary abortion pill and then you can continue working from home from the third day.

There are a few more side effects which may or may not be experienced by women such as fever, diarrhea, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, etc. You might not be able to escape these side effects but you can surely consult the doctor and ask for medicines that can help you get over the after effects if they worsen. Also, you must take good care of yourself and follow the below-given instructions such as-

  • Consume a healthy yet light diet.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarette during the procedure.
  • Avoid the insertion of anything into the vaginal area.
  • Do not indulge yourself in physical activities.

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