How Soon Can a Woman Recover from Abortion?

Recovery from an unwanted pregnancy varies from person to person which depends on different factors. It mainly depends upon the duration of pregnancy and in some cases the age of a woman as well. In few cases, women tend to recover faster and get back to their normal routine within a week whereas for some females the recovery process is slow and takes time to get back to their daily activities.

As per the experts, it is not advisable to get back to work immediately after you undergo a medical abortion because after you buy abortion pill online and use it for abortion it leads to cramps, excessive bleeding, etc. These effects are usually experienced by people after they consume Misoprostol abortion pill which is a secondary tablet.

Bleeding Post Pregnancy Termination

After consumption of both abortion tablets, women experience severe bleeding which is an indication of abortion. Women pass heavy clots of blood and experience heavy bleeding which is usually more than that of normal menstruation cycle. It starts within 3-4 hours and lasts up to 2 days and decreases eventually after day 2. Usually, abortion is done within a week but in a few cases, it might as well last up to 14 days. Contact your healthcare advisor if you do not bleed at all post consumption of Misoprostol abortion pill and in case of bleeding is excessive up to a week.

Pain Post Medical Abortion

Experiencing heavy cramps is a normal side effect of the pill. The cramps and stomach pain might as well last up to 7 days. You can control the cramps by using hot water bags/ heating pads or consult the doctor and take the right medicine to control if the pain is unbearable.

Sadness and Feeling of Guilt

Feelings vary from person to person as in some cases women experience sadness even when they are prepared for it and some sense relief post-abortion. It is normal to feel guilty and sad as the feeling fades away after some time. A recent research show that the number of women experiencing guilt after abortion is lesser and women feeling relaxed is more.

Women feeling sad and guilty can always recover from it by carrying out activities that are time consuming and make them feel happy such as reading books, painting, watching movies/series, cooking, or things they love to do. You can always speak to your partner, family members, and close friends and speak your heart out which is of great help.

Symptoms Post Pregnancy Termination

Here are a few symptoms you need to look for after the pregnancy termination-

  • Illness/Fever, Feeling unwell
  • Discoloured vaginal discharge and stinking
  • Abdominal pain, severe cramps
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding, passing heavy blood clots

Consult your healthcare if you experience the following and if any of them worsens.

Safety Information

  • Women experiencing an ectopic pregnancy must not opt for a medical abortion.
  • Make sure to visit the clinic for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Ensure that you do not breastfeed for 24 hours and also stop consumption of alcohol as well as a smoking cigarette for a week or until recovery.

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