Having a termination is a big decision. But before you buy abortion pills online make sure that you fit in criteria to use this termination pills. The termination process also depends on the user’s region, age, and gestation period and body type. This criterion is been set so that you do not have to face any of the adverse side effects.

Following are some of the points which you need to consider before you use the pill for termination of pregnancy.

You are pregnant:

Most of the time women get confused between missed periods and early-pregnancy like symptoms as a conception. The conditions may be true but you first need to make sure that you have truly conceived. Just because you feel that you are pregnant do not ingest any of the abortion pills. Before you perform termination process it is important that you have a pregnancy test to confirm it and then terminate your pregnancy.

Women sometimes use these pills for termination as birth control pills and this can further result in serious side effects. If you consume this pregnancy termination pills on regular basis then it can result in low pregnancy chances in future or may even result in complications. You can always use contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

The gestation period is till 8 weeks:

After you confirm that you are pregnant, then deciding whether to keep the baby or not should be done as soon as possible. Undergoing termination at an early stage is important. Women can terminate her pregnancy with the help of abortion pill up to 8weeks. If the gestation period of women is above 8 weeks then you need to terminate your pregnancy using surgical termination.

Your age is above 18 years:

Medical termination for the teenagers is restricted in almost every part of the world. It is because the mind and body of these teens are not ready to handle the pregnancy or termination of pregnancy.  The body of the teens are developing and getting pregnant or terminating a pregnancy can even lead to risk and complications.

You are having it with self-assessment:

Medical termination is a process wherein termination of pregnancy is done with the help of abortion pills. Hence this process cannot be forced on women instead pregnant women should understand the possible effects and use these pills for termination.

You have gathered the required information:

Many of the women buy online abortion pills but do not follow the instructions to use them due to which further it created complication like incomplete termination. In some of the countries, it is illegal and risky to buy abortion pills over the counter. Hence you need to first need to refer many of the sites and then you can order this termination pills and follow the regimen to get the abortion done safely.

You are already using the medication and not informed a doctor:

Many of the women have medical conditions and they are also restricted to use this termination pills. Women who use other medications for treating some disorder should make sure that they inform their health care provider about it before functioning the use of termination pill.

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