How to cope up with suicidal thoughts after an abortion?

Women usually do have an abortion and do forget it after a few days or months. Women those who have an abortion after suspecting all the pros and cons are at least the risk of having any overwhelmed feelings post-abortion. Some women may feel it easy to move away and some may find it difficult. Some women may if lose the child due to pressurized abortion, then it is likely that they might have some mixed feelings. Women though, don’t have any effect of online Abortion Pills on health, but some may have to deal with suicidal thoughts, guilt, shame, or fear feeling. Dealing with these situations is no less than any other issue. Hence, women those who have suicidal thoughts post-abortion need to seek proper help and deal with the situations.

Below mentioned are a few steps that can help you go easy with the recovery.

Stay where you are

If you realize that you are at the wrong point, then step back. If you are safe then staying where you are and do not leave. Thoughts of suicide may bring you to a point in life wherein you would land in a dangerous situation and may harm yourself. Hence ask your family members to remove the weapons or sharp objects that always stay close to you. Even for a time being do avoid standing near the balcony or do not even drive. If you are working and it requires alertness then to avoid it. Hence, whenever you are in such a situation do take a step back and this can help you minimize the potentials of suicidal thoughts.

Slow your breathing

Slow down your breathing so that it can help you to slow the heart rate and supplies the required amount of oxygen while you are shifting your attention. If you are still high on the thoughts, then it is likely that you might be exhausted and get flashes. Hence, in order to feel normal and do not get faint ensure that you do breathe. 

The best way is to inhale and exhale a few times so that you can again get control over you to breathe. 


There are a number of ways that can help you distract yourself. Work towards distancing yourself from the negative thoughts that can make you harm yourself. 


Visualizing is the best way that can help you stay focused. While breathing, you can simply imagine the whole process or if you are counting the breathes then you can visualize the numbers. This helps you stay focused. 

Use all your senses

As soon as you practice meditation, and open your eyes, ensure that you focus on the things that are around you. Try to describe the things in detail that are around you. Try to describe the details such as texture, color, and whatever you can. This can help you shift your focus from the negative thoughts. 

Muscle relaxation

Whenever you are hyper or overwhelmed your muscles begin to tighten. 

Focus on how you can relax your muscles and start with your head and try to muscle. You can also try your hands to massage so that the tension can be relaxed. 

Reach out for help

Seek help from your health care provider. Various things can help you deal with it, but reaching out to health care providers is one of the best ways. Help your health care provider knows about every detail and this can help them, what exactly help can help you during this situation.

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