The best method to conclude medical abortion

Women do have an abortion, but at times fail to conclude the results of abortion. There are a number of women those who have an abortion, but do fail to make an appointment to the health care provider's clinic to conclude the results. Though the symptoms of pregnancy termination are enough to know the conclusion of the abortion, but the pregnancy test is one of the best methods to know. Hence, an ultrasound test plays an important role while women end the gestation.


When women are asked to buy Abortion Pills, they need to know the length of the gestation. If the gestation of pregnancy is up to 9 weeks, then you can seek medical help and bring an end to the gestation.

One of the known combinations of tablets such as the MTP kit can be used to bring an end to the gestation. Women those who have a gestation of up to 9 weeks are asked to use both the medicaments and end the gestation.

The process starts with the swallowing the Mifepristone 200mg tablets and further proceeds with the administration of Misoprostol 200mcg from MTP kit.

Working of the tablets

Women those who are prescribed with the use of MTP kit need to start with anti-progesterone tablets. Being an anti-progesterone supplement, Mifepristone helps to shed the uterus lining and separates the fetus from the uterus. Also, it is mandatory that the primary tablet is given time to start its work and hence one needs to wait 24 hours after the administration of the anti-progesterone tablet. After the interval of 24 hours, Misoprostol 4 tablets are to be placed vaginally or buccally and this helps women to end the gestation. The secondary tablet helps to end the gestation by contracting the uterus and then dispelling the pregnancy parts from the body.

Ultrasound test

If you have an abortion, you can have other options too, there than an ultrasound test. Women can prefer to have a home pregnancy test and this is the primary method that can help to maintain the privacy of the situation. An ultrasound test doesn’t provide privacy and hence choosing a home pregnancy test is fair. There are certain pros and cons of each tool and the same is the case with home pregnancy tests. Hence, women are asked to choose ultrasound tests over a home pregnancy test.

Preforming ultrasound test after abortion

When women do have an abortion with an MTP kit, the process takes a time of week or two. Even though the whole process helps to eliminate the pregnancy parts, women are asked to have an ultrasound test. At times even after undergoing the process, women are likely to have some of the particles of pregnancy, and hence knowing it is most necessary.

To conclude, whether the pregnancy particles have been eliminated or not, women need to have an ultrasound test after 2 weeks of having an abortion. In the case of left tissues, women are suggested to undergo a surgical abortion.

An ultrasound test is one of the prescribed ways to get assured about the successful results of abortion. Hence, whenever you MTP kit online purchase without fail to make an appointment after 2 weeks to have an ultrasound test.

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