Precautions and diet for women after the use of online MTP kit

While women land in pregnancy, one of the questions which come to her mind is, “should I opt to have an abortion?” and this is the question which makes her worry every second. This situation brings a very bad experience wherein women need to abort the fetus. But pregnancy termination is done based on one’s choice. It is difficult for women to decide whether the decision is right or wrong, at times women do land in a situation where she has no option rather than opting to make the use of the Abortion Pills.

The health of women is connected to the fetus and when such is a condition, if the harm is caused to the health of women then she can choose to eradicate the pregnancy with the help of online Abortion Pills.

Women can simply make the use of Abortion Pills and end the pregnancy effectively with the help of pills. This kit contains a combination of pills that help in ending the pregnancy effectively. Women need to follow the sequence of using Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills from the MTP kit which helps to end the pregnancy. This med does cause hormonal changes and helps women to end the pregnancy.


While making the use of kit women need to start with the Mifepristone pill. This is an anti-progesterone pill that brings hormonal changes in the body. Due to the use of these Abortion Pills, women can get the process started and the fetus gets detached from the uterus. Misoprostol pills from the MTP kit is used so that it can help to end the pregnancy by causing the contraction of the uterus to expel the fetus from the body.

Things to get done before women do make the use of the online MTP kit

Before a woman does make the use of the MTP kit, the following things are to be followed.

  1. Know that you do have a pregnancy and check for the gestation period.
  2. In case if you do have the intrauterine device placed in the body, then do make sure that you do get the device removed.
  3. Do avoid eating or drinking anything before 6 hours of using the MTP kit.

Precautions to take while on MTP kit

The following are the few precautions that women need to take while on Abortion Pills.

  • Avoid the use of alcohol, smoke, dairy products, and magnesium. This stuff does lower down the effect of Abortion Pills.
  • Do make sure that you consume a proper diet, which helps to recover soon after having an abortion.
  • Avoid physical activities, as well as sexual intercourse as this, can help to avoid the heavy bleeding.

Diet after making the use of MTP kit

Following the cancellation of the pregnancy, one must avoid the healthy diet. The body during and after abortion required calcium, minerals, and vitamins and hence one must consume a proper diet which helps to recover after abortion.

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