Facts that teen must be aware of teen pregnancy

Most of the teenage do face a roller coaster of emotions and that affects their entire life. The teens have had this sort of life for a few years but this can affect the rest of their life. Most of the time the older people around you do prep you for adulthood and this at times pressurizes the children to make some decisions every day.

Several things are happening when you are teen but what if you land in a problem such as unplanned pregnancy. There are at least 3 in 10 girls who get pregnant at the teenage. There are certain facts in which teens, as well as others, need to know about the pregnancy. Following are a few of the facts which can help teens as well as women to clear some of the misunderstandings.

The teen pregnancy rate in the United States is highest as compared to other countries

As compared to other countries the teens in the US are more likely to give birth during the teenage. The reports also state that the rate of teen pregnancy in the US is related to income equality. In simple to state that it means the poorer you are, the more likely you are to have a child at a young age.

Around 82 percent of pregnancies are unplanned

As per the research, every fifth teen does face the problem of accidental pregnancy. When such is case teens at times do land upending the pregnancy using some illegal or wrong methods as they become unable to access the online Abortion Pills easily.

At least 25% of teen moms do have 2nd child within 24 months

It is common for teens to have a second child soon after having the first child. Most of the women do end up landing in this mess as this has to be faced many times by them.

Teens are usually active sexually and do not make the use of contraceptive

The teen is an age wherein most of the people are new and do not have much knowledge about everything. Unprotected sex is being practiced by most of the teen and they end up in problem such as pregnancy. Also, as they are not aware of the contraceptives and they do end up easily ending up landing in an unplanned pregnancy. Also at times, such a situation can cause the risk of having an STD if one partner is affected.

Not all teens end up giving birth

Since most of the pregnancies are unplanned, some of them are aware of the methods which can help to end the pregnancy. Some women do have a miscarriage and some do have an abortion with the help of an online MTP kit due to which women can end the pregnancy.

At least 8 out of 10 teens do not get married

Becoming a father or mother at a very young age appears to result in some negative consequences. Most of the teens are only in high school and end up getting pregnant. The only way to get rid of such pregnancy is abortion and hence most of the teens even after the pregnancy do not get married

In case if you are facing teen pregnancies then you can seek help from a health care provider and know what can be done further.

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