How are ovulation and menstrual periods interlinked?

Getting pregnant when a woman is physically as well as mentally ready, then this proves to be one of the best things. A woman can easily buy Abortion Pills and end the unplanned pregnancy. However, every time it's not possible for women to plan your family. For a woman, it is necessary that she does understand her menstruation cycle and the ovulation period.

This blog can help one to understand the time of the menstrual period until the time of ovulation.

Understanding the menstrual cycle

When one does menstruate, the body prepares to conceive the next time when women do involve in sexual intercourse. Knowing the menstrual cycle is important as understanding fertility is one that helps to plan the pregnancy. It is also important that one does take care of the reproductive system.

Following points can help one to understand the menstruation and the menstrual cycle

Day 1-5 (menstruation)

This is the first day when women do start to bleed and as per the expert, it is the first day of the menstrual cycle. Women do bleed further for the next 5 days and this is known as menstruation. Some women do even bleed for 3-7 days, but 5 days are common. The bleeding pattern is different depending upon how many days you bleed. Usually women do experience heavy bleeding during the first two days and further, the bleeding slows down.

Day 6-14

From the 6th day, the bleeding stops and this is the time when Endometrium starts to prepare for the conception. The chances of getting pregnant slowly increase during the end of the ovulation.

Day 14-25

For the menstrual cycle of 28 days, ovulation takes place during the 14th day. By this time, the ovaries do release the eggs from the Fallopian tubes. The fertility of the women slowly begins to decline towards the end.

Day 25-28

If the egg fails to meet the sperm then the body prepares to go through the hormonal changes. Once the hormonal changes take place the uterus prepares itself for shedding and the egg passes through the vaginal bleeding.

What is ovulation?

As said before, ovulation begins from the 14th day of the 28 menstrual cycles. This happens when the egg released from the ovary for fertilization. This egg release from the ovaries during the 14th day of the menstrual cycle and egg gets mature and releases from the Fallopian tubes. 

At this point, if women do have sexual intercourse and sperm reaches the egg through the ejaculated semen, it can get fertilized. Once the egg gets fertilized, the uterus does not shed and women may get pregnant. If the sperm doesn’t reach the egg, then the body begins to prepare for the menstruation. Most of the women who plan pregnancy based on the ovulation period. If the eggs get fertilized during the unexpected time, then women can simply opt to buy online MTP kit and end the pregnancy with the help of the pills. Women can opt for this medical abortion option and deal with the unexpected pregnancy.

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