Guidance to Maintain Proper Hygiene during Medical Abortion

In order to expect a faster recovery from a medical abortion, it is essential to highlight the ways you can maintain proper hygiene. Most women tend to buy abortion pill online and choose medical ways to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. As focusing on the abortion procedure is essential, it is equally important to maintain proper hygiene and better ways that can lead to coping with abortion faster. Women must be educated about the same in the case of choosing abortion at home.

Is hygiene an important factor during the medical abortion procedure?

The vaginal flora also known as vaginal microbiotas are the bacteria present in the vagina. It is usually dominated by certain Lactobacillus species which helps in keeping vaginal health better. It tends to produce hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and several other substances which inhibit the growth of unwanted organisms and yeast. Genitals are already blessed with a natural system that maintains hygiene but it is essential on your part to keep the genitals clean on an everyday basis. It is even more important to take extra care during the medical abortion procedure as the genitals become sensitive and are prone to bacterial infection. Hence it is important to take hold of proper sanitation which helps you be away from infections.

During maintaining proper hygiene of your genitals make sure that you do not interfere with the natural acidic PH levels of the vagina. In order to maintain a balance between medical abortion and hygiene, we have few pointers which should be followed if you are planning to buy MTP kit online and choosing a medical abortion.

Make use of sanitary pads/Avoid tampons:

In most parts of the world, women choose tampons as their go-to the product during menstruation. But in case of medical abortion, the vaginal bleeding occurring post consumption of Misoprostol tablet is heavier as compared to normal menstruation period. Tampons do not soak much and anything inserted into the vagina during abortion can cause severe infection. Additionally, women are advised to make use of maxi pads that tend to soak more. You may as well make use of fragrance-free pads if you are not a person that uses sanitary pads during menstruation.

Change maxi pads:

Women must concentrate on bleeding during the medical abortion procedure. At this time, women experience blood clots of lemon sized in their initial days of abortion. Bleeding can be excessive in the initial days wherein women require changing pads at least four times in a day. Eventually, bleeding gets lighter which indicates emptying of the womb and removal of the pregnancy sections.

Keeping your body clean

During the abortion, it is better to take a shower rather than taking a bath. While washing your body it is important to wash your genitals carefully. The motion of your hand during wash your genitals should never be from anus to the vagina. It might transfer bacteria and lead to severe infections hence make sure that you always wash the genital areas first and then your anus. The internal genitalia is not required to be washed with the help of any genital washing agent or soap. Do not wash these areas with hot water. Also, women are not advised to swim during this procedure. The nauseous feeling might fade away as and when you feel better.

Drying vaginal area with a clean towel:

Always use a clean or new towel, tissue or cotton cloth to dry the genital area. Make sure to clean it in one stroke and the motion should be again from the vaginal area to anus because this helps prevent bacterial infection.

Women must make hygiene as their topmost priority and learn various methods to maintain the same. Keep in touch with your healthcare advisor in case of any inconvenience.

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