MTP Kit Works Best for Ending First Trimester Pregnancy

The preferable mode of abortion chosen by millions of women is said to be the medical abortion. Women across the globe tend to place their trust in this method of ending the pregnancy as it is effective, private and safe. The procedure does not require any involvement of surgery or anesthesia and can be started at home as well. Women can buy abortion pill online when experiencing pregnancy in their first trimester. In case the pregnancy gestation exceeds more than 10 weeks duration then you must choose surgical ways of termination. Conducting an abortion can be a complex and difficult decision as it involves emotional and psychological consequences. Before considering this method of abortion ensure that you understand what does the procedure entails such as the complications, after-effects, possible risks, side-effects, etc.

Why is abortion conducted in most cases?

The reasons why women choose abortion as their primary decision can be different and highly personal. Women hold different reasons to abort the undesired pregnancy which includes completion of an early miscarriage, ending an undesired pregnancy, etc. Abortion can also be conducted in case continuing pregnancy becomes life-threatening.

How to prepare yourself for medical abortion?

In case you are willing to terminate a pregnancy at home, make sure that you visit the doctor once to speak about the procedure and rest of the details. Doctors are likely to suggest-

  • To confirm your pregnancy through a physical examination that includes an ultrasound test
  • Examining and evaluation of overall health and understanding the medical history
  • In some cases, doctors also conduct blood and urine test
  • Information on the details of how the procedure works, possible risks, side-effects and rest of the complications associated with the method of abortion

What are the details of an abortion procedure?

In order to conduct abortion women are advised to buy MTP Kit online which is a complete composition of two essential termination pills. It is inclusive of a single Mifepristone and four tablets of Misoprostol which work as best alternatives to end a pregnancy. Learn more about the working mechanism of the two tablets-

  • In order to continue pregnancy high levels of progesterone are required. The components of Mifepristone basically work by restricting the actions of progesterone hormone. Eventually, the pregnancy stops advancing further and ends the life of the fetus. The abortion pill also works by softening and widening cervix that helps in easier expelling of the sections of pregnancy.
  • The next abortion pill named Misoprostol completes and ends the procedure by first causing contractions of high levels. The intensity of cramps differs and depends upon the gestation or duration of pregnancy. Eventually, the fetal sections are passed out by emptying the womb in the form of severe vaginal bleeding.

What are the consumption details of MTP Kit?

The consumption details are specified below-

  • Mifepristone comes in a single dose of 200mg that is to be ingested orally with water. The tablets can be taken over an empty stomach or light meal as per your preference.
  • The next four tablets of Misoprostol can be buccally consumed. The procedure requires placing two abortion pills on both sides of the cheek pouch and letting them melt until dissolved. Once the tablets are properly dissolved make sure that you consume water to ingest the residues of the abortion pill. Women experience vaginal bleeding within 2 hours of consumption of the secondary abortion pill.

What can be expected during and after abortion?

Women are likely to experience the below given after effects-

  • Fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, etc
  • Abdominal cramps are experienced usually post consumption of Misoprostol
  • Post 2 to three hours, women experience excessive vaginal bleeding

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