MTP Kit- Successful Pregnancy Ending Kit for Unwanted Pregnancy

Women seeking abortion for an unwanted pregnancy are advised to buy abortion pill online which is suitable for 70 days pregnancy or lesser. Before you choose the suitable method of abortion, it is essential to understand your pregnancy gestation. Women may be advised to undergo an ultrasound or in some cases, you can detect the duration of pregnancy at home itself. All you need to do is count the number of days from the first day of recently passed menstruation till date. In order to successfully terminate a pregnancy, it is important to choose a suitable termination kit. The non-invasive method of abortion is usually preferable by those wanting complete privacy and do not wish to visit the clinic for the same. It has been effective in as many as 98% cases. Ensure to visit the doctor before you buy abortion pill and choose to opt for a medical abortion.

The MTP Kit is the most preferred termination pill for ceasing an unwanted pregnancy. It mainly comprises of two essential tablets mainly-

  • 1 Mifepristone tablet (200mg)
  • 4 Misoprostol tablets (200mcg each)

MTP Kit- Working Pattern

As mentioned above, the abortion kit comprises of two different medications which work with accomplishing the target of removal of pregnancy sections. Hence the mechanism of the abortion tablets is specified below-

  • Mifepristone being the initial tablet works by stopping the progesterone hormone from delivering the essential nutrients to the fetus. Due to the lesser supply of nutrients fetus starts losing life and eventually becomes lifeless. As soon as the uterine lining breaks, fetus departs. Also, the cervix becomes wider and uterus tends to contract.
  • Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin analog which works by causing severe womb contractions. The contractions can be either mild or strong which depends upon the length of the pregnancy. The abortion pill causes severe contractions which eventually brings down the pregnancy sections out in the form of vaginal bleeding. The excessive vaginal bleeding is usually much more than that of a usual menstrual cycle.

MTP Kit- Dosage Instructions

The dosage instructions are usually specified in the guidance manual provided along with the MTP Kit packaging. Women that buy MTP Kit online and do not have access to doctor’s guidance can refer to the below-mentioned information-

The single Mifepristone tablet is advised to be ingested orally with water. Make sure that you consume the medicine on an empty stomach or light meal depending upon on your convenience. After an interval of 24 to 48 hours, you need to ingest the 4 Misoprostol pills buccally. The abortion pill should be placed on the cheek pouch and it should be two on each side. Let the pills dissolve for about 30 minutes. Once the pills are nicely dissolved consume water and take in the leftovers to end the process. Women experience vaginal bleeding within 2-3 hours of consumption of the secondary abortion pill.


Follow the below-mentioned precautions for a problem-free procedure-

  • Get an intra-uterine device removed before the procedure of abortion.
  • The medicine is supposed to be consumed only for a 10 weeks gestation.
  • Make sure to visit the doctor for an ultrasound post 14 days of the procedure.

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