Why we support abortion and emphasis in the 1st-trimester abortion

A question thrown to the society, do all human being get the bliss of a good life, if so then why we have orphanages in excess? Why does every child waiting in an orphanage seek for a family?

Now let us reverse the entire situation. Would this child have been born if the mother had gathered the courage to abort it during the first trimester itself when this full formed depressed human was just a microscopic organ?  Few situations seem to be wrong at that point of time but these situations become the best decision after few days’ maybe years hence we support women who prefer to buy abortion pill so that they can terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The same scenario is when we see the children dwelling on streets managing the scarcity of food and a proper living for all. If this situation is seen from my angle then the same savings for a small family could give them a better meal on the Christmas Eve.

I know the most traumatized decision for a woman is to get an abortion as they fear for its safety and also require a lot of mental as well as physical strength. This is the reason why we persist on getting an abortion during the 1st trimester as getting out of postpartum depression is easy during this period of time. You should also understand that you are not undergoing any homicide. During this 1st trimester, the only part of your pregnancy that forms is a strong support for holding the fetus in future. The embryo is just a small microscopic cell that has a small covering of waterbed around it.

As the fetus is just microscopic it is just a bigger replica of your eggs that are formed in the ovaries. And getting this microscopic organ aborted will not cause any depression or grief. Yes, those who are pro-life supporters they may still feel life starts just after conception but how far this is acceptable that when a woman terminates a microscopic part of herself she will be blamed to have undergone feticide or homicide.

We all are deciding this on the basis that if the conceptus is not aborted then this will grow up to be a fetus and then a full grown child and someday a full grown human being.  But we know all are not happy in this mighty earth.

Some women feel that they are seriously involved in killing as they bleed profusely after an abortion. The vaginal bleeding that you see is not the bleeding of the fetus but it is only the endometrial tissue which starts shedding. This shedding is similar to the shedding that takes place during your periods so this is also known as the high-end periods as the endometrial tissue gets thicker from the day conception takes place so that the fetus can be supported. So now it may be clear that if we are endorsing abortion pills that has nothing to do with the will of the society, we do because we believe that every life is precious when it is born, and till is it born we want to preserve the life of a mother and not push her to drudgery.

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