MTP kit for pregnancy termination below 8 weeks

Medical abortion with no doubt is an easy way which helps in termination of pregnancy. There are many of the reasons behind the termination of pregnancy. Most of the women due to many of the problems buy MTP kit online and terminate their pregnancy. This is one of the effective ways which can be used for terminating the pregnancy which is below 8 weeks. Medical termination is a very tough decision taken by women wherein she experiences many changes during the whole procedure. And during termination there are many delicate things of which you should take care. This drugs can be consumed as they are FDA approved and can be used with safety. There are many of the things that are to be taken care during, before and after termination.

The care that should be taken before termination:

  • Your pregnancy should not be ectopic (outside the uterus).
  • Your age should not be more than 35years.
  • You should not have medical problems related to heart, liver, kidney, uterine rupture and intestinal infection.
  • Your pregnancy should not have been crossed 8 weeks of pregnancy gestation.

The care that should be taken during termination:

  • After using MTP kit it is possible that you may face bleeding so use sanitary pads instead of tampons.
  • It is important that during this time you take a complete rest so that your body is not stressed too much.
  • Intake plenty of fluids so that you do not feel dehydrated due to a symptom of diarrhea.

The care that should be taken after termination:

  • After using MTP kit you may lose too much of blood so to make up again for this blood you need to consume a healthy diet.
  • Vitamins, proteins, calcium and iron should be included as a part of your diet.
  • Also make sure you have fiber consumption.
  • Increase the intake of fluids so that your body can again feel energetic.

MTP kit is one of the trusted ways which women use for termination purpose. This kit contains two pills one is mifepristone and other is misoprostol which helps to break the lining of the uterus and helps to expel the pregnancy parts. After using this pregnancy termination pill you should make sure that you do not have an incomplete abortion. Incomplete abortion can lead to birth defects so you should terminate your pregnancy completely.

Abortion pills are the best way which can be used for pregnancy cancellation but make sure that you do not intake alcohol or tobacco. Grapefruit consumption should also be avoided while on this pregnancy termination pills. Physical labor and intercourse should be avoided for two weeks of using this kit. To carry the next pregnancy you should wait for three months so that your uterus gets strong enough for other pregnancy. If you are breast feeding mother than make sure that till the medical process gets completed you need to avoid breast feeding. Pregnancy termination is the best way rather than surgical termination this is one of the reasons why women switch to this way of termination.

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