Is doing abortion taking away the right to life?

 A simple question that keeps lingering in the minds of those women who are in the dilemma of having an abortion, it is, in fact, the most trending issue where countries are falling apart due to the varied thoughts of bringing reform in the law of abortion. Few pro-life activists feel that abortion is a way of taking away the rights of an individual to survive and this work should be termed as a homicide. The person undergoing an abortion should be subjected to a criminal offense.

On the contrary human rights activists feels that the abortion law should be reformed in order to safeguard the interests of the women who might not be willing to nurture a child and get down to drudgery.  At times the abortion is done in order to save the mother from fatal risks. Various times the conceptus is regarded as a blob of tissue which can only get an identity of being a human after it is born.

Some even deny calling the fetus a blob of tissue when the science has been so advanced and they can even monitor their child’s growth and even observe its movement. So such cases are not seen in a tissue.

Any kind of abortion pills has some intended side-effects like mild fever or chills, profuse to scant bleeding, cramps and abdominal aches, too much dizziness and at times lethargic to work. All these should not be considered as something that is harmful to the body or undergoing any kind of sin because of aborting the child. In few cases, it is seen that women even face a few severe contraindications of the pill and they consider it as a punishment that their forefathers have given them for aborting someone from their generation.

All these myths surround the society where women are not only compelled to continue the pregnancy in the worst situation but also threatened to abort the pregnancy and undertake the sin for the whole family. For all such issues those women who cannot confront taking up the burden to nurture the newborn they secretly order for abortion pills online.

The thought that the newborn is killed at times keep the women in the postpartum depression where it becomes difficult for the women to continue a healthy lifestyle and bring her back to normalcy. Such conditions affect the women so much that they even attempt suicide.

Different human rights activists feel that it is more important to give the mother the right to bring her child to this world or end it. It is better than the family being pulled down to a poverty-stricken level where every member of the family suffers because of the birth of the newborn. These problems give rise to orphanages those are not only overfilled but are ill-maintained and we find under-nourished children there.

 Abortion should not be considered as taking away a life rather it should be considered as giving life to those who are living and maintaining them who have already lived few days of their life. This is also the work of the GOD and can be considered as a religious sacrament.

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