Abortion and its effects on the society

The call for abortion in few societies leads to grave consequences. Due to these reasons, early activists and people advocating abortion urge to bring a reform in abortion law that will help the women to have equal rights as of men and they can continue their livelihood and enjoy their sexual relationship without facing the rigors of bearing their babies and being forced to drudgery.

The human rights activists have proclaimed that using abortion pill for abortion should be made legal as the women should have the full authority to control her body. The child being the outcome of her own body it is she who should decide whether to bring the baby to this world or reject it.

Perspective of a family

In few cases, it is seen that women, as well as their partner, wish to terminate their pregnancy because of increased financial constraint or due to stress which will negate the child nurturing procedures. In such cases, it is the family who hinders the process of abortion. In fact the elderly people especially the grandparents feel that using abortion pill for abortion can hinder future capabilities of getting pregnant. There are religious beliefs surrounding abortion being termed as a homicide. And trying to undergo an abortion is a sin that will be passed on to the entire family.

Perspective of children

In few cases, it is seen that there are children who are suffering from the scarcity of food and proper shelter due to abject poverty. This downtrodden lifestyle calls for a reform in the abortion laws. Using of cheap abortion pills should also be made legal so that it is easily accessible to those who are facing the real problem of continuing their families due to financial dearth.

In few cases where abortion is banned, we can see a number of orphanages running with unkempt children who are either malnourished or dealing with health issues due to lack of proper care, a reason for lack of adequate funds.

UNICEF has given a data where the child death for malnutrition has increased drastically over the decades. Percentage of children falling sick due to lack of proper nutrition has also increased. Due to such concerns where a healthy, well-off family can support the proper nurturing of a child, abortion should be made legal as the case when the couple feels it necessary.

Perspective of women

In today’s world when finance is a big concern to support the family due to daily rising prices women are out for work. When working schedule gets affected because of pregnancy then it can not only bring turmoil in the lives of the women but also the family. In such cases, a woman needs to be given the full right to undergo abortion whether surgically or through medication (abortion pills).

All these cases create a big turbulence in the society and its debate on whether abortion should be legalized or not. Many online pharmacies are choosing to sell abortion pills online through a more clandestine approach in order to safeguard the interests of the customer. Women nowadays order abortion pills online to get rid of the hassles of pregnancy.  

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