Induction abortion and its processes

Induction abortion is a kind of abortion where the pregnancy is terminated during the second and the third trimester. This abortion is not entirely possible with the help of abortion pill though Misoprostol is injected through the vagina in order to create contractions in the uterus. This leads to ripening or thinning of the cervix. After the dose is complete in order to prevent any kind of complications the cervix is dilated (opened) with the help of a dilator. This process is also known as the dilation process.

 There are various medications that are inserted inside the vagina in order to induce labor.

  • Intravenous  or (IV) is done where Oxytocin is injected in the veins so that it helps in generating pain and ripens the cervix
  • Normally prostaglandins are placed through the vagina as these help in ripening faster and in a more effortless manner. This is also helpful to get an abortion fast.
  • Then there is the instillation process where the potassium chloride or Digoxin or saline water is injected in amniotic sac or injected into the fetus.

The next process is the extraction process where the fetus is extracted from the uterus with the help of forceps. This process is also known as vacuum aspiration

  • Before starting with the vacuum aspiration process the nurse will inject you a local anesthesia in or around your cervix. After the area freezes a speculum is used to monitor the cervix.  After this process, the cervix is  gradually widened with the help of the dilators ( a series of narrow rods)
  • After the widening process, a tube known as Cannula goes inside the cervix and then the suction pressure is increased with the help of the machine through which the Cannula is attached.
  • After the entire cleaning has been done a spoon like structure known as curette is inserted to check whether the uterus has been completely cleaned or not.

This process of induction abortion is very critical as it has been reported that usage of sharp instruments at times ruptures the uterus leading to lots of difficulties to heal up. This process is normally not adapted to end an unwanted pregnancy but it is the case when the mother’s health is at risk because of the fetus. Or the fetus has developed some kind of abnormality. Any miscarriage has taken place or fetal death has occurred.

There are lots of restrictions that are involved after the induction abortion as the mother’s health is at higher risks if proper precautions are not followed. 

You need to take proper rest and also avoid taking up too much physical pressure. Any kind of bending activities are prohibited and you are supposed not to involve into any sport or exercises till three weeks or a month to avoid any internal rupture.

You should avoid grapefruit or any kind of magnesium products as these aggravate the problem of diarrhea which is comparatively less in case of surgical abortion but due to the Misoprostol pill, it is necessary to avoid these products.

The most important part is the diet which should be rich in proteins as well as iron as there is a lot of loss of blood from the body which needs to be regenerated soon or else can cause anemia.

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