Smoking – Some things you need to know

Smoking is common now for all. You can see teenagers now smoke. The crowd today thinks smoking is cool and it's all classy. Smoking is an action wherein people smoke migrate. Cigarette is nothing but it is made up of dried leaves of tobacco which is being rolled in a small rice paper. Smoking is mostly dangerous to health. People smoke just because of fun but it really causes a big harm to health. Smoking welcomes many of the health-disease like cancer, respiratory problem.  Asthma patients are mostly preferred not to smoke. As some things have a good effect and bad effects smoking only have a bad effect on health.

Disadvantages of smoke

Most of dead is caused due to smoking. The smokers are increasing day by day. People think it’s good for their status but it is actually not due to smoking most of the people are dying earlier.

1. Crowd smokes mostly nowadays as it is the status of them but they don’t understand that it causes damage to their health at the age of 40 people are dying due to heart attacks, lung cancer.

2 .The competitions nowadays is going for status. Nowadays girls also smoke, it is very risky for girls to smoke. Most of the ladies are suggested not to smoke during pregnancy because it’s not good for the health of the child she is giving birth. The smoking also causes cancer to the fetus.

3. Even passive smoking leads to a health problem, this is the reason why is smoking to be banned.  The government has banned the smoking in public bars just because it is passive smoking and it not only effects the person who is smoking but also others.

4. Lung cancer: Smokers mostly face this disease. The person may be a chain smoker, occasional smoker but still, his life is at risk. The person who is smoking is responsible for his life and even for the life of people around him.

5. The risk of life increases when people have disease like diabetes, blood pressure

Cure for smoking

The prevention of smoking is easy just by not starting it .Smoking is started at teenage this is why people live an only half-life. Quitting smoke is not easy but if once you decide you can. The government has banned some tobacco company this is why some people are being discouraged from smoking. The only government can’t help quitting smoke; it can only be prevented by your own wish. The advertisement of cigarettes, tobacco has been banned this is why only some of the people are away from such things like smoking. Mostly people are suggested to use nicotine gum to cure of smoking. Doctors even suggest the smokers to have more fluids so that the toxic from the body can be eliminated. The smokers can quit the smoking only if he wishes to quit and can also save his life as well as others.  Chainsmokers have to make a really great effort because for them quitting is next to impossible but it can be done nowadays government is organizing health programmers as well as there are rehab centers which help the smokers to come up with smoking.

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