Which is the best way for abortion: Abortion pills or Surgery?

An Abortion is a process of termination of early pregnancy in women. There is two most way of early termination of pregnancy in women. These two ways to end an early pregnancy is medical pills and surgical abortion.

Most women have confusion about which is the best way to end the pregnancy? Women don’t have much knowledge about the aborting methods. Hence, they remain confusing to make the right choice of aborting the pregnancy. Therefore, they should visit a doctor and get proper information regarding both ways of early termination of pregnancy. Hence, one must choose the right method which best suitable for them.

Both the method is explained as follow:

(1)  Surgical termination

Surgical termination is a minor operation to end an unwanted pregnancy in women. This operation is done by removing the unborn or unhatched human (fetus) and before it comes outside the uterus of women. This early termination of pregnancy will work only if women are in the first trimester of termination. That means early pregnancy of 12 weeks or less. This can be done in two ways: (i) vacuums aspiration and (ii) dilatation and evacuation

The advantage of surgical termination:

•             This method of aborting pregnancy can perform all over the world. Hence, there is no obligation for such practice of abortion.

•             These procedures for termination of pregnancy take hardly 5 times to complete.

•             It is a highly successful way of aborting the pregnancy. This method has a success rate of 99%.

•             This method is effective for early termination pregnancy of fewer than 12 weeks or less week.

•             It has fewer side effects as compared to medical pills. Sign like less bleeding and cramping.

•             After this termination process is done, there is less medication is required to recover.

•             This method of aborting a pregnancy is performed under the guidance of an expert. It is done by a well professional doctor with the help of other medical staff.

•             When women want to prevent pregnancy and abortion together, this is the best way to do.

            The disadvantage of surgical termination:

•             It may result in certain infection outer or inner part of the body.

•             While this aborting of pregnancy is done, the doctor may insert instrument that may lead to infection and pain in the body.

•             During this method, the doctor may use aesthetic and drug that may have some side effect.

•             In certain circumstances, there may develop some complication or failure in aborting the pregnancy.

•             Surgical abortion is also more expensive as compared to medical termination.

(2)Abortion pills

These pills are also called for a medical termination. Medical termination means early termination of pregnancy by using medication. Women often prefer medical termination to avoid unwanted pregnancy. During the first trimester of women, this termination method is more effective. There are many abortion pills and one can easily buy abortion pills the online USA as they available all over the world. MTP KIT, mifepristone, and misoprostol are some medication used for early termination of pregnancy.

Advantage of medical pills

•             Medical termination can be easily done at home.

•             There is more privacy in this method and comfortable too for women.

•             These methods give 95%-99% of the effective result.

•             It is best performed in early pregnancy of seven weeks or 50 days.

•             It is less expensive than surgical method.

•             It does not affect women fertility for future pregnancy.

               Disadvantage of medical pills

•             These medication pills are not available in every country due to its restriction of use.

•             There are more side effect as compare to surgical method such heavy bleeding, cramping, vomiting, fever, fatigue etc

•             These termination pills are not allowed to every woman. Under following condition these pills cannot be used:

(i)            Allergic to ingredients contain in this medication

(ii)           Women age above 35

(iii)          Women who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day.

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