Facts regarding termination of unwanted pregnancy

Abortion or termination means ending your pregnancy. Induced abortion and spontaneous abortion are the two types of abortions. Induced abortion means knowing ending your pregnancy. Spontaneous abortion means miscarriage of the baby. A woman goes for the abortion because of some strong reason.

1. The women who are pregnant and want to abort the child they most use abortion pills. These pills are available in two dosages. The first dose is of Mifeprex which breaks the lining of the hormones which are responsible for the pregnancy. Mifeprex pill helps the woman to have cramping and bleeding. After the consumption of first dose second dose of misoprostol should be consumed after 48hours.Misoprostol pill helps the women in cleaning the uterus. Most of the women buy abortion kits online and even without consulting a gynecologist. Misoprostol has some of the side effects of stomach pain, headache, gas, constipation. So if you come across any such side effects do consult your gynecologist.

2. Your parents and partners need not know about your abortion. But It is preferred that someone from your family and partner should know this because you may have a mixed feeling of guilt and lowness. Hence to come up with you need to inform either your partner or your family

3. Most of the women decide to have an abortion in the first trimester. The first trimester means the starting stage of your pregnancy which means 3months.The abortion can be done with the help of Mifeprex and misoprostol pill kit during the first trimester. The abortion done earlier is most safe and is mostly cheap.

4. Most of the women even prefer to second trimester. The second trimester is a period of 4-6month pregnancy time. Most women occurring in the second trimester are the women who are unaware of pregnancy or who are supposed to abort due to some issues. At this stage Mifeprex and misoprostol pill kit is advised or surgery is advised it depends on the situation of your health.

5. There is also the third trimester but hardly any women occur because the third trimester is a stage wherein a pregnancy is between 7-9months.

6. It is also advised that if you are taking the abortion pills you need to visit a doctor to confirm that no retained product is left in your uterus. If any such retained product is left it is advised to undergo a surgery.

7. Though surgeries are conducted within 15minutes most of the women prefer mifeprex and misoprostol pill kit.

8. If you are kidney, heart, liver patient you are not supposed to take abortion pills and consult a doctor before in taking it. Even if you have any problems regarding menstrual clotting you are supposed to consult a doctor and then consume a medication.

9. Surgical abortions are 100%safer than abortion pills. Women prefer it because it doesn’t include the symptoms like vomiting, nausea, bleeding.

10.The women's who are desperate to have a child are sometimes the one who need to have abortion this happen if the women are facing some disorder which can make her child face some problem. women's with health issues are the most ones who abort.

11.Some of the women's even abort when they are not ready to have a child. They feel like the first trimester is the best way than carrying a pregnancy for 9months.

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