Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) is a solid form of oral drugs that inhibit ovulation and acts like a contraceptive pill to avert the pregnancy. It also leads to cause deviations in the cervical and uterine coating, making it stiffer for sperm to touch the uterus and tougher for aninseminated egg to link the uterus.The best part of this medicine is; it can be used by the female of 14 years of age, if wish to get sexually interacted and expecting not to get pregnant. In short, it is a kind of birth control pills, which can be used by underage (14 years) girl. It comes under the class of hormonal contraceptives and stated as mosteffective, convenient and easiest mode of birth control. This pill must only be used by the female above the age of 14, who have already had her first menstruation. One can take this pill without hesitation; since, we have all the drugs approved FDA and exist in a very low price. Order yaz today in cheapest price from our online Pharmacy, which can help you solve your problem easily. We assure you about our product quality, quantity and contentment.

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Yaz 3mg/0.02mg

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No of Units Price  
28 Pills $56.00
84 Pills $126.00

Dosage direction

A box of Yaz holds 24 active pills (hormonal ingredients) and 4 inactive drugs (those,which appear to be effect less on the body and perform only as a cue). Take the medicine on the first day of your period or soon after your menstruation begins. You perhaps need to use optional therapy to prevent the pregnancy, such as condoms or a spermicide, when you initiate using this medicine. One day one pill has been prescribed by maintaining 24 hours gap between the dosages. The 28 day birth control sachet comprises of 7 "reminder" tablets to retain your regular menstruation period. This makes sure your regular period on time. You perhaps face heavy menstrual bleeding for 3 months during the course if in case it proceeds above than that consults the doctor.


Do not use the pills once you get pregnant or expecting to conceive the baby. Remember YAZ is a birth control pill not an abortion pill. Donot take alcohol or puff cigarettes. Run as it has been recommended. Do not over intake or miss the dose.

Side-effects: Numbness, weakness, head ache, chest ache, vomiting, etc. are seen normally effecting.

Storage: Do not expose the kit to sunlight air or in touch of kids.

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