Super P force

Super P force


Male Impotence has become a leading complication around the world; almost half of the men seem to be suffering from this issue due to unhealthy habits and unhappy frame of mind. Well, the causes are enormous, but its cure believes to be difficult. Here, we have come up with the solution called Super P force a medicine with dual effectof Male Enhancement and Controlled Ejaculation. Yes, this drug is prescribed for the men suffering from sexual impediments called erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It is amuse one of the finest and effective working drugs to comfort the sexual erection in men and promote the fertility power. In short, super p force acts excellently to boost the male reproductive system. An intake of this pill amplifies the sexual desire in men active and energetic to enjoy their sexual intercourse. The medicines found laden with two significant elements called dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate; one pill solving two sexual complications. Here depoxetine work to lapse down the hurdle of premature ejaculation and sildenafil citrate acts to appease an impotence issue. We have the drugs approved by USFDA found to be 100% effective exists in an inexpensive price. Super p force amalgamated with dapoxetine with (60mg) and sildenafil citrate (100mg), both conjointly acts to treat the ED issue. Dapoxetine falls into SSRI category and sildenafil citrate comes under PDE5 inhibitor. Order super p force at our online pharmacy today to calm the issue of ED.

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Super P force 100mg

No of Units Price / Unit Price Free Bonus  
12 $4.50 $54.00
24 $4.00 $96.00
48 $3.50 $168.00
96 $3.00 $288.00 + 4 Pills Free
144 $2.50 $360.00 + 8 Pills Free
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No of Units Price  
12 $54.00
24 $96.00
48 $168.00
96 + 4 Pills Free $288.00
144 + 8 Pills Free $360.00
192 + 12 Pills Free $432.00

Dosage intake

Taking support of the doctor would be helpful, further the tablet supposed to be taken 1 hour prior of sexual performance, as the process take 30 minutes to get mix in the blood and response. The effect lasts for minimum 5 hours. Use the tablet, when you get a sexual intimation not on a daily basis.Try maintaining 1 day break for the next dose.Its consumption widens the blood nerves of the penis, turning the muscles calm in form.

Safety to be followed

The drug is not prescribed for below 18 male, or a normal function man or a woman. It ought to be prescribed by the ED sufferer only. Circumvent the alcohol, heavy, spicy, cheesy and oily laden meal. Say not to smoking


Body pain, giddiness, head pain, fatigue, weakness, etc. are the form of some common side-effects.


Situate the ED pills in contact of your area away from touch of kids, sunlight and moisture.

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