Sexual complication amongst men of 50s and 60s has become common now a day. Most of the men hold the grievances of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, penile erection, and low libido level, etc. The pills stated as most effective to treat ED and stood accountable for generating a successful performance during nights in males distressed with this terrible sexual condition. Not only it aids accomplish pleasurable moments of your life, but also grant relief from the mental compel and fear engrained by impotence.

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Silagra 50mg

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12 Pills $49.00
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Silagra 100mg

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16 Pills $40.00
48 Pills + 4 Pills Free $96.00
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Its impact

The reticence of the enzyme type 5 phosphodiesterase by the sildenafil citrate exists in Silagra consequences well in mending the impotence in men. Boost in the blood flow towards the penis and smooth moderation of the muscle are ashare of this whole game, the desire of it is to achieve sexual erection on an inspiration and sustain it till you are done with the entire act.

An intake procedure of the dosage

One need to initiate with low dosage, gradually turning it high, if in case fails to response well. Any men proceeding more than 100 mg would be considered harmful for the health. It is commenced to take one pill in a day one hour prior practicing sex with the partners. The medicine takes around 35 minutes to get into response; it gets dissolve in the blood easily without any effort. One can take full pleasure of this pill for 5 to 6 hours.You suppose to maintain 1 day gap between the dosages; try running the dose according to the prescribed manner. Get this pill in a low cost on our booming site called 


Silagra exists in most reasonable price on our site, to get rid of erectile dysfunction and to facilitate the male fertility level try practicing this pill.To enjoy your nights and make impressive add silagra a finest solution.

Prevention therapy

Do not take alcohol or practice smoking. 

Taking heavy meal, spicy or oily stuff should be avoided; since, it ought to reduce the effect of the pills. Taking the tablets in excessive amount may result harmful for the health. The amount of dosage varies according to the age group and health condition. Opening the complete health record would be well. Circumvent taking two different drugs together; since, it enhances the risk of side-effects.


Blurry vision, headache, body pain, chest pain, giddiness, etc. are seen widely.


Place it at safe and secure place.


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