Penegra to get rid of male impotence

Penegra has been announced to disentangle the problem of male impotence. It acts like an anti-impotence pill to improve the male reproductive function. Sildenafil citrate stood a chief element in the drug, which acts well by hindering PDE5 enzymes.It is a solid form of medicine introduced only for the men struggling from impotence. Since, it is an FDA authorizedone need not to worry about its quality and effect. Amongst all practicing sexual life also found significant in person’s life. It facilitates the blood flow towards the reproductive function of the male, ease down the erection and boostsexual intimacy. The condition mostly seen affecting the people over the age of 50s and 60s and admitted as a most distressing situation.It is the finest and outstandingsolution to boost sexual ability of the personand facilitates the fertility level.Impel your sexual life through Penegra that acts splendidly to ease erectile dysfunction issue. We have the medicine available on our site in a cheapest price comparing with others. You can order it today to enjoy our service to your doorstep.

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Penegra 100mg

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12 Pills $4.00 $48.00
24 Pills $3.50 $84.00
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96 Pills $2.00 $192.00 + 8 Pills Free
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No of Units Price  
12 Pills $48.00
24 Pills $84.00
48 Pills $120.00
96 Pills + 8 Pills Free $192.00
144 Pills + 12 Pills Free $252.00
192 + 16 Pills Free $240.00

Penegra 50mg

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12 Pills $4.08 $49.00
32 Pills $2.34 $75.00
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No of Units Price  
12 Pills $49.00
32 Pills $75.00
64 Pills + 4 Pills Free $99.00

Dosage direction

Before taking any of this dose one need to open his complete health record to the doctor. The amountof dosage differs as per the health condition of the men. First begin with small amount of dose and further proceed the level, if failed to response appropriately. One tablet in a day is directed ought to be taken one hour before indulginginto sexual practice. The pill comes into effect after 40 minutes. It gradually gets dissolve in the blood and found effective for 6 hours. In this case of medication maintaining one day gap is necessary. Practicing it daily must be avoided, take whenyou feel the urge of sex.

Precaution to be taken

Running the dosage in limitation would be advantageous. The medicine must be only practice by ED victim.Taking alcohol or smoking cigarettes must be completely avoided during the process. One needs to change their meal plan, avoid taking heavy, spicy, oily and cheesy meal. Avoid taking any of themedicinealong with this. If, in case you have any severe healthcomplication consult your doctor.Do not try to take over dose; since it is liable to cause some form of side-effects.


Giddiness, weakness, body ache, chest ache, head ache, blurry vision, light fever can be seen after consuming this drug.


Place the supplementsentirely in your touch away from kids, moisture and heat.


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