Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra to Treat Male Bareness (ED)

Sexual disorder has become a most critical situation in today’s men of 50s and 60s. A life without sexual practice is the same like a juice without sugar. A man facing sexual problem stated it as a most embarrassing stage due to Male Impotence.To get rid of this issue we have introduced generic Levitra laden with Verdenafil HCL, hold the ability to beat your sexual issue and promote your sexual ability.It is an oral form of drugs prescribed only for the mento facilitate the infertility level and to allay the ED (erectile dysfunction) issue.The pills boost the blood circulation linked to the penis and tranquil the muscle results improvement in infertility system. Enhance your sexual life with the pills of generic Levitra.It is believed one of the most working and highly effective medicines seems practicing by many throughout the world for Male Enhancement. Oneneeds not to worry about the product as we have all the pills USFDA agreed.You can get this medicine present on our online Pharmacy sites in a very cheap price.Place the order today to get the product drop at your doorstep.

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Generic Levitra 20mg

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10 Pills $6.90 $69.00
30 Pills $4.17 $125.00
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No of Units Price  
10 Pills $69.00
30 Pills $125.00
60 Pills $199.00
90 Pills + 10 Pills Free $249.00

Dosage prescription

The amount of dosage varies according to the men’s health and bearing ability power. One needs to begin with low dose further precedingits amount if in case the pill fails to perform well. Consuming one tablet in a day is commanded to take, 1 hour prior of sexual performance. It takes circa about 40 minutes to come into response. A couple can take full pleasure of their sexual life for 5 to 6 hours. It has been circumscribed to use the pill daily; one needs to take it only when he gets the sexual stimulation. There must be a one day gap between the dosages. Vardenafil in Levitra acts like a prime enzyme on the bed; thus any men prior performing sex with the partner must use this pill to get rid of hard erection.

Prevention processes

Prevention method stood one of the most important parts. The drug must be practiced only by the ED sufferer. An over dose are the consequences of side- effects; one need to run the dosage as it has been suggested.Forbid alcohol and smoking.Stop taking heavy, cheesy, spicy or oily meal; since, they tend to cut down the effect of the medicine.


Blurry vision, weakness, fever, body ache, head ache, etc. are the phase of normal side-effects.


Store the drug in secure and cool place.

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