What to do if you feel tired all the time during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is something magical and every woman once in a lifetime wishes to experience these few things and enjoy the beautiful stage. Though some women order online Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets and end the gestation, few others prefer continuing the pregnancy. Well, there are so many things to consider when it comes to pregnancy. 

There are so many symptoms and side effects that one needs to go through and it is not that easy. Well, one such symptom that should be taken care of is fatigue.

Fatigue is the first and foremost sign of pregnancy and it's likely to knock on your door every day.

Why are women so tired during pregnancy?

One of the foremost and common reasons that affect your pregnancy is the growth of your baby. In addition, hormonal changes, emotional changes, and physical changes do affect your health and hence feeling fatigued is common. 

Some changes are likely to occur in women and include
  1. Increased blood flow
  2. Heartburn
  3. Back, pelvic and hip pain
  4. Digestion issue
  5. Lower blood pressure and blood sugar
  6. Increased level of estrogen and progesterone

When to get in touch of your health care provider?

Well, insomnia, restlessness, and preeclampsia are some of the conditions that affect your sleep, unless you have a good sleep, feel fresh or energetic the next day is not possible. Hence, if you find yourself struggling to have sleep, simply choose to seek help.

Some other reasons might also require you to contact a health care provider and includes
  • Experiencing dizziness
  • Have shortness of breath
  • Pain in the upper abdomen
  • Heart palpitation
  • Swelling in your hands, feet, and ankles
  • Developing changes in your vision

If you find any unusual changes, checking once with a medical assister is good.

What can a woman do for fatigue?

Feeling tired all the time is common as a baby is growing within you. This is likely to take a toll on your body and you should never ignore the signals given by your body.  No matter how tiring you feel, do not stick to over-the-counter remedies as these medicaments are likely to mess the process.

As your body change, consider sleep as your priority and follow a few tips

Keep your bedroom dark and cold

Well, a woman during pregnancy might not feel it easy to fall asleep, and hence, you need to consider few things that work in your favor. One of them is keeping your bedroom cool and dark. Ensure that your room is dark and there is no such disturbance such as clicks or some dim lights that interrupt with your sleep.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated

Initially, while you get pregnant, the fluctuation in blood sugar and blood pressure is likely to hit you hard. This also interrupts your sleep and makes you tired. Hence, keep a check on gestational diabetes and blood pressure.

Avoid caffeine post-lunch

Well, the best time to have caffeine is morning. Post-morning consuming caffeine is not recommended. Caffeine has a negative effect on your sleep and if you consume it in the late evenings then you might end up affecting your sleep and you feel tired the next day.

Take naps whenever possible

The whole process of pregnancy is tiring and resting becomes necessary. Hence, whenever you feel so take a nap and ensure, your nap doesn’t continue for more than 20-30 minutes.

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