How Does Mifeprex and Cytotec Justify The Successful Results Of Medical Abortion?

Several women do take up abortion during the initial stage and it becomes necessary that women do know what she is about to do with the pregnancy. A lot of times, women do land in an unplanned pregnancy and choosing the right decision becomes necessary. Women with undesired gestation mostly do opt to buy Abortion Pills online and get rid of the gestation. During the initial stage using these medical Abortion Pills are the best option for women. 

Knowing gestation

The length of pregnancy or gestation period is something that describes the age of the pregnancy. Knowing the length is something that can help a woman to know the method to use for abortion. Women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks can use Abortion Pills such as Mifeprex and Cytotec to get rid of the gestation. Women with the gestation of more than 9 weeks can undergo a surgical abortion.

Using medical abortion tablets for an early pregnany termination

Mifeprex and Cytotec are the two types of tablets that can be used by women to get rid of the gestation. Women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks can follow the process and get rid of the gestation. 

Start the process with Mifeprex tablet and this abortion tablet helps to block the growth of the progesterone hormones. Once the progesterone hormones are blocked, the pregnancy cannot be continued and the embryo particles do get separated from the uterus. After making use of the Mifeprex or primary tablet, ensure that you have waited for 24 hours and then use the Cytotec tablet. This secondary tablet helps to cause contraction to the uterus, to eject the pregnancy parts in an easy manner.


There are different doses depending upon the tablet prescribed and the gestation you have. 

Doses if you buy online Mifeprex and Cytotec alone

  1. 1 tablet of anti-progesterone 200mg or Mifepristone abortion online
  2. 4 tablets of prostaglandin tablets each of 200mcg or online Misoprostol abortion pill

Doses if you’re prescribed to use single tablets

  1. Only anti-progesterone- 3 tablets of 200mg of Mifeprex (gestation should be within 7 weeks)
  2. Only prostaglandin- 12 tablets each of 200mcg (gestation up to 9 weeks)

The doses should be used only after consulting the health care provider.

Does the use of an Abortion Pill justify the results?

Yes, the use of early pregnancy termination pills helps women to get 97% successful results. Women prescribed to use termination tablets need to know that the use of the tablets as per instructions help women to get rid of pregnancy smoothly. These tablets are reliable and are approved by the FDA due to which women do end up using this remedy for abortion.


Women guided to use Mifeprex and Cytotec need to follow the below-mentioned instructions

  1. Avoid the use of tampons and use sanitary pads instead, so that it can help to avoid the risk of infection.
  2. Ensure that you do avoid using the remedies that interact and result in side effects. 
  3. Avoid indulging in sexual intimacy as this can help to recover soon from the abortion process.
  4. Try that you do consume a healthy diet that can replenish the requirement.

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