Risks that occur due to being underweight

So many things in a life matter and so are people concern about their appearance. Well, when it’s about appearance, your weight affects your appearance. There are so many women who end up being underweight and overweight and experience the problem of conceiving. Well, while there are so many things, some do conceive at the wrong time and end up choosing online Mifeprex and Cytotec tablets to end the pregnancy

While a woman is overweight, she needs to only gain a few pounds after she conceives.

On the other hand, its contrary and one has to gain too much weight if they are underweight. Women during gestation so face a lot of trouble when it comes to weight. Your weight is too affects your fertility and hence, women need to closely look after their weight. 

Being underweight is not a great idea as it affects your overall health as well when you land in some medical emergencies, the chances of risk increase.

Some of the risks that you need to know about include


Be it a pregnant woman or a simple human body, consuming minimal food lands you in a problem such as malnutrition.

Your food is key to your health and not providing the required essentials puts you in trouble. 

Some of the indications that lets you know about malnutrition are

  1. Irregular or skipped menstruation in 
  2. Feeling drained or tired
  3. Experiencing dry skin, teeth issues, or thinning of hair

If you’re experiencing underweight then you’re likely to be malnourished and hence you need to follow the right diet that works magically for you.


Well, if you’re conceiving or even if not, being overweight puts you in certain danger. Well, infertility is one of them, and women having low BMIs have an increased risk of Amenorrhea. Women of is diagnosed with amenorrhea, need to know irregular periods or missed menstrual periods affect their fertility.

If you’re trying to conceive and ever had consequently missed periods, then simply check your weight. If you're underweight then having infertility-related issues is common.

Decreased immune function

When you’re underweight, increased infection is likely to affect you. There is no such reason that defines the reason behind being underweight, but this does affect your immune system and function and is likely to make you infected with various disorders. There is a direct link between immune function and weight and hence one needs to look after maintaining the right weight.

Tweak your lifestyle

Bringing small changes in your diet and lifestyle is something that helps you gain the right weight and avoid the negative effects of being underweight. 

Few things that can be included in the plan are
  1. Stick to consuming food that is rich in nutrients such as lean proteins, nuts, seeds, dairy products, and whole grains.
  2. Indulge in small but frequent meals as this helps you keep munching now and then.
  3. Look after what you drink and how much. Add smoothies to your diet, instead of diet soda, beverages, and caffeine.
  4. Also, add exercise to your routine as this helps you maintain a good weight.

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