Basic things to know before an abortion

If you face a problem such as unintended pregnancy, you’re not the only one. Women having a spontaneous pregnancy need to learn about the facts and the misconception that helps you know about abortion. This is possible to occur at any stage. While it can still be a surprise for a few women, some options help women get rid of pregnancy during the initial stage. Pregnancy is something that decides whether you should continue with medical abortion or surgical abortion.

Well, it's fine to feel scared and confused and one has a whole life to bear the consequences of continuing or discontinuing the pregnancy.

What are ready-to-stick options to have an abortion?

An unexpected pregnancy is something that has a negative effect on your life too. You need to continue with the pregnancy and tolerate the consequence throughout. To spare themselves, women do choose to use online Abortion Pills and get rid of pregnancy if the incubation is within 9 weeks.

Posted 9 weeks, women need to undergo a surgical abortion and one needs to know, both these methods are safe to have an abortion.

How does the process work to help women?

Well, when it’s about abortion, women are usually prescribed to use an MTP kit. This is a whole package that contains two types of tablets and helps women to get rid of the gestation during the first trimester. Both these tablets are an important part of the process and should never be neglected.

Mifepristone is the primary tablet that you can use from the MTP kit package.

This tablet is responsible for performing 50% of work and help women get rid of unintended pregnancy. Post using Mifepristone 200mg, you need to wait for 24 hours and then use Misoprostol from the MTP kit and this helps you to contract the uterus and flush the fetal particles from the body.

Using this MTP kit pack helps women to get rid of the pregnancy more smoothly. 

What things should be taken care of while you undergo a medical abortion?

  1. Irrespective of what option you should choose, you need to check the few things and list them to get the pregnancy ended.
  2. Take a blood test or ultrasound test to know what your pregnancy has to say.
  3. Do schedule meetings with health care instructors to have the right attention and ensure no complications occur.
  4. Find a bunch of people such as a partner, friend, or anyone you trust to talk about it.
  5. If talking to a near one is not an option for you, simply choose to reach out to a counselor and get your mind clear.
  6. If smoking and drinking are of your interest to simply choose to quit them.


While there are so many instructions, you need to know a few other things too that help you know whether the pregnancy has been eliminated completely or not. For women who want to conclude an abortion post using an online MTP kit, the need of undergoing an ultrasound test is recommended. These tests help women to know that the incubation parts have passed out from the body.

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